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  1. Character Progression Systems

    Well I guess the real problem is I have doubts about my ability to balance the systems and making it fun. I liked XCOM's straightforward system that made predicting probable outcomes in combat easier. That is appealing to me. So I guess what I'm wondering is: is the "interval" system is a TTBS "sacred cow" or not? Would XCOM's system be fun in a fantasy setting?
  2. Right now I'm designing a fantasy tactical turn based game. Originally the game was inspired by Vandal Hearts ( for reference see ). As it was inspired by Vandal Hearts I currently have the class and unit progression using points (damage, for example is the [ unit's Phys.Att. + weapon Phys.Att ] - [ defender's Phys.Def + defender's armor Phys.Def ] = base damage (minimum damage is 0) + 1-6; it has a rock-paper-scissors type class superiority ring. The challenge I'm facing is this is extremely difficult for me to balance. I've been considering the possibility of changing the character progression system to something along the lines where level/rank unlocks class tree abilities (sort of like a mix of WoW skill trees and X-COM) -- and then having weapons do base damage with variable damage like from Terror from the Deep (damage * (0.5 .. 1.5)); I would like to keep the rock-paper-scissors balance where skills chosen determine the unit's class and access to weapons. -- you know writing it down makes it sound more similar to the modern XCOM system. I've already redone spells so that they are more like the modern XCOM's abilities with cooldowns and limited uses per combat session. Any suggestions and/or tips would greatly be appreciated! Is the Vandal Hearts point type system a sacred cow or is a more XCOM-ish system workable and fun for a fantasy tactics game? Please reply in-thread as I have it set to receive notifications. Thanks!
  3. [Hobby] [Programmer needed] I need help creating a Turn Based Tactical Game! ## INTRO: I am a designer in need of a programmer to do the heavy lifting. I good at scripting but I am not a game programmer. I love turn based tactical games! I would like to create a turn based tactical game in the style of Vandal Hearts or Disgaea.  Desired features are: combined unit and army editor, SP campaign editor (I will design the campaign), map and scenario editor, MP battles (I will design the maps). Art direction would be similar to Chroma Squad or possibly Telepath Tactics. Additionally, the engine and tools will be re-used to make future  games. I have an almost completely fleshed out design document for a fantasy themed tactics game. ## GAMES OF INSPIRATION: * Telepath Tactics ~ * Vandal Hearts ~ ## SOME VIDEOS OF MINE: * A top down shooter I may finish someday ~ * A platformer I gave up on ~ ## RESPONSIBILITIES: * unit and army editor * map and scenario editor * SP/MP game engine * good commenting of source code ## REQUIREMENTS: * Must be self-motivated * Must be able to set and complete milestones * Genuine love for turn based tactical games a plus ## TECHNOLOGY: I'm flexible in technology but would prefer a framework that will help complete the project faster. Some frameworks I have considered are: Game Make Studio, LOVE2D, Cocos2D, Godot, or Torque2D. ## CURRENT TEAM: Right now it's only me--while I can program some I am not skilled enough to pull this off by myself; I am mostly keeping busy with creating/collecting art resources, sound and music, and fleshing out the design document. I also have an on/off artist that can aid with art resources. Additionally I am making game models using MagicaVoxel as well as some additional 2D art. We would communicate primarily by discord, google hangouts, and email since timezones have proven to be problematic in the past. Please reply under the post--I will PM you with contact information if you are interested! In the event that multiple programmers respond, I would ask you to talk to each other and work together--dividing the work if possible. ## FAQ: I have a stockpile of 2D assets and expect the game to be all 2D; I have JRPG sprites, icons, fonts, and sound effects--I am currently making a tile sheet of isometric cubes (although I am creating some 3D assets using MagicaVoxel, in the event they are useful); I would prefer an isometric game field but can work with a 2D JRPG style field as well. Target platforms desired would be Windows and Linux, Macs would be a bonus.  
  4. Forgive me if this is not the correct forum. However I do have a question about Game Maker Studio. Making a top down shooter is not so hard in itself, but the part I'm having difficulty on is I would like the camera to move and rotate the view fixing the player at the bottom of the screen and then moving the level around the player. Is there a way to move the camera with the player rather than having the player move around the screen? I know it's possible to angle the camera around the center of the screen (for lack of a better word, the origin), is there any way to make the player the origin? Thanks.
  5. List your game here

    I am a fan of fan games. Mario clones, Sonic clones, Zelda, and so on. I've always been frustrated that there doesn't seem to be a site where I can find exactly what I'm looking for. I understand as websites get larger they can be difficult to search and/or organize. What I'm hoping is that people will post to the Fan Game DB that's start on Wikia ... ... You'll need a Wikia user account to post but you can link your fan game or indie game inspired by another game here. If you want to help moderate or organize the site, please let me know as well. I hope you find it useful--it would be nice to have a central repository for fan games! I'm also new to using Wikia, so if there are any issues please let me know.
  6. TEAM Team Structure Myself, designer, asset and project organizer Brandon, and 2 others We also have on again/off again help by Chris G for art assets Talent Needed I have found due to real life concerns helpers frequently come and go. Having more helpers would help speed things along and hopefully carry the torch should someone decide they need to leave the project.     * Programming for help with C#/Unity support/experience     * Artists for converting MagicaVoxel creations to rigged models with animations Contact Method Contact me through my email address Please "reply-all" to the group when communicating so everyone is on the same page. Previous Work by Team This is our first project. DESCRIPTION I have a love for games like Vandal Hearts, Tactics Ogre, and X-COM: Enemy Within. Ever since playing Vandal Hearts I've wanted to create a slew of tactical RPG-like games. The goal I have with this project is to make a game that has multi-player matches and eventually a single player campaign. I have a thorough design document, a collection of graphics, sound effects, icons, and character art (though not complete). I am also collecting music right now as well. I would greatly love to see this game come to completion and would love to present it to the community at large. However, I work a full time job and have a family, so I am not able to pay any kind of salary and it should be considered a community project. If, when the game is finished, we feel that we can sell it on a marketplace such as Good Old Games or Steam we will work out an equitable sharing plan or stipend. As an "indie" project and not a development studio we're going to have people coming and going as they have time or as we develop along the way. Interested individuals should approach the project with an open mind and flexible attitude. As project organizer I will try to provide a consistent and stable environment but I will need input on how to do that for the team members. Just because of problems with different time zones I would prefer sending emails and using "Reply All" so that everyone's on the same page. If there is a personal (or personnel) problem or something that needs to be addressed, private emails will be fine too. We are using Unity with C#, we stay in contact through email, Dropbox, and git. As far as the game itself it is an isometric style tactical game--features like fog of war, daylight/night/darkness, terrain with varying heights, line of sight/line of fire, fog-of-war, and walls for structures are desired. The art will be sprite based whether the engine is 3D or 2D. Engine can be 2D (such as Tactics Ogre) or 3D (such as Vandal Hearts or Final Fantasy Tactics). The first few milestones will be to get the game's tools ready, then hot-seat multi-player and multi-player over internet, the final set of milestones will be single player features. I'm hoping to generate not only a great game but a great toolset to make future projects. Attached is a creen mockup to help get an idea of what we're looking for.   [sharedmedia=core:attachments:31356]  
  7. I need help picking an easy to use modelling program

      Well I discovered MagicaVoxel and while voxel art is not for everyone it helps me create models and it's something I have the patience to use.   Now I can export the .VOX file as an .OBJ to animate it and I can do that with Blender or perhaps I can find an application for that purpose as well.   Another question I have is there a way to export .VOX files into a .PNG? I would like to create isometric tiles using MV but than taking screenshots I don't see how that would be possible. Is there an app that takes a .VOX in and outputs an image format?   Thanks.   EDIT or is there a library that can add .VOX support to Game Maker or other C/C++ apps?
  8. I'm trying to create models for my strategy RPG and I was thinking simple models would suffice. I was hoping to make minecraft like models (but have the models have knees and elbows) and carrying their weapons.   Is there an easy to use program for a non-digital artist to use to make the body, animate the frames, and paint skins?   I've tried blender but I could never get the bones to work right.   Thanks!
  9. Sci-Fi TBS RPG enemy types

    I'm writing up a design document for a TBS RPG (like vandal hearts or final fantasy tactics) but set in a futuristic sci-fi setting. I'm having trouble deciding on what kind of enemies to have (I'm also having troubles finding programmers but that's another issue). Would you prefer to see aliens, terrorists, or cultists in the game? Please describe how you envision these enemies (like bug aliens, reptile aliens, grays, human cultists, robots, etc). Any input is appreciated.
  10. The game I'm trying to make is a turn based tactics game (they're my favorite genre right now--like vandal hearts and final fantasy tactics) ... Anyway, getting reliable artists and programmers for an indie game is problematic at best and a nightmare at worst. So I'm trying to decide if I should use sprites that are 4 directions like in most J-style RPGs; or if I should go more vandal hearts and use front-facing and rear-facing 3/4 view sprite sets. Either way facing indicators will be used to avoid any problems with the isometric battle ground. Any thoughts which styles are better or more pleasing?  
  11. Question re paying programmers for indie game

    "Wage" is the wrong word. Wages only apply to full-time hourly employees. You're talking about hiring a contractor. Contractors have to charge more than what they would get in wages, since they have to cover expenses for doing business, health insurance, and taxes. In general, the Game Industry Salary Survey can give you an idea of how much game programmers are paid as full-time salaried employees. You can take those numbers and convert them to hours as a starting point for figuring out what you need to know. When you're ready to hire someone, you can use this website's Classifieds section.     A wage is any type of financial compensation for each completed task, hourly or daily rate, or based on a measured quantity of work--and is commonly used to denote any kind of employee compensation ( ). Thanks for the names of the resources, hopefully that will help me figure things out.
  12. Question re paying programmers for indie game

      I'm considering Love2D, C, and Java because I actually can follow that code and maybe even help somewhat. I know HOW to program, I'm just not good enough to write a game--I've tried. I can put code together but I'm not creative enough, at least in regards to programming, to solve the problems I need to sove. I can write a database and an interactive website just fine, need to find a position of a mouse in an isometric grid? no idea. I posted that order because I know Lua best, C OK enough to follow along what's happening, and java worst. I don't think it's unreasonable to ask for a certain programming framework and/or language.
  13. Question re paying programmers for indie game

      I didn't make two threads although the forum did time out on me and I refreshed my browser so it's quite possible two were made--if so it was quite unintentional. Anyway--OK pay by milestones; what do you think is a fair wage? I guess it would depend on the milestones and the number of them.   Like for example, if it were broken into the following steps: Milestone1 : Proto build with basic features: isometric drawing, unit animation, terrain height, field rotation, zooming in/out, unit customizations, class /experience /equipment tables, etc Milestone2 : MP alpha with map editor Milestone3 : MP alpha with map editor, with AI, with army editor Milestone4 : MP alpha with map editor, with AI, with army editor, with replays Milestone5 : MP alpha with map editor, with AI,with army editor, with replays, with saves Milestone6 : MP beta with map editor, with AI,with army editor,, with replays, with saves Milestone7 : MP final and SP alpha with campaign editor (story scripting, event scripting like chests with items) Milestone8 : MP final and SP beta with campaign editor (monster units, monster AI, victory/loss conditions) Milestone9 : MP final and SP final with campaign editor
  14. I'm an indie game designer and have been trouble finding a reliable programmer to create my game (it's a SP and MP final fantasy tactics like game). I want to program the game to be cross platform so I am considering Love2D, java, or C. I am considering hiring a programmer to work on it for me since I can only do basic stuff. However, I work a normal day job like most people and can't afford to pay a lot. Before I commit myself to this option what would be a reasonable amount to offer for a project like this? Also, what would be a typical way to measure work (pay by milestones or pay by month?).
  15. Recently I've gotten into Lua scripting and had my interest pique with the Stratagus engine--it is an engine that developed out of the FreeCraft project and has a well documented API list but no real tutorial on how to even get started. Their best advice was take a look at another project and go from there. I didn't really find that advice useful because it doesn't even tell me where to begin. I've looked before but are there other tile based RTS engines out there that use Lua or Python scripting to define the game? I would prefer Lua scripting over Python--but any suggestions would be helpful