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  1. Would people play this?

    Depends on the gameplay, of course.
  2. and again... New Wanna-Be-Gamemaker Dude.

    With Unity and C# you can do a lot of stuff, both 2d and 3d.
  3. Play Desperados: Wanted Dead Or Alive, and check how sniping works.
  4. BEGINNER turorial for Unity3d
  5. Engines

    Unity! There's the free version you can use, it's the best to use and find help if you're stuck, and it's component based.
  6. How hard is it to make a game if… ?

    Go on, learn by doing it. Open Unity and follow the tutorials from the site and join the IRC channel if you have serious doubts. Start simple and keep adding stuff as you improve.
  7. Could someone give me feedback on my algorithm?

    I don't understand much of what you're doing or working with, but it looks like, without changing the logic of how you wanna paint it, you could use a for loops instead of repeating 8,16,24...64 you could make it 8 * i where i = 1,2,3...8
  8. Ideas for lockpicking mechanic?

    Take a tour at flash gaming sites in the puzzle section, in there you might find lots of inspiration.
  9. A game made solely to tell a story

    See for yourself: [url=""]http://www.kongregat...lante/immortall[/url]
  10. Best language to start programming in?

    You're already working with Unity so just start by learning the Java Script the engine uses. Algorithms are what make stuff work, not languages. Also, there are people that make games, there are people that make middleware and people that make engines. Which one are you? Avoid the noise and tech purist advices like "learn how to make GPUs from scratch" and all that kind of reinventing the wheel stuff. If you want to make games, make games. Edit:
  11. Best Storylines and Worlds

    Best Stories: Immortall, Shadow Of The Colossus. Best Worlds: Bioshock, Machinarium, Journey.
  12. Feedback on idea?

    [quote name='dtg108' timestamp='1354567180' post='5006762'] I wish someone would do it. I would, but I'm very busy with my own project right now. [/quote] It could be an First Person Adventure game like Slender, Amnesia (2011), SCP08, JuOn, Night Of Sacrifice... Or it could be a First Person Survival Horror game like Penumbra, SCP Containment Breach, 1916 Der Unbekannte Krieg... Or it could be a Third Person Survival Horror like Lone Survivor, Silent Hill, Fatal Frame, Siren... Or it could be a Point-and-Click Adventure like Being One, Silent Hill Mobile, Monkey Island, The Walking Dead... Or it could be an RPG Maker game like The Witch's House, Miserere... Or it could be a Text Adventure like, Amnesia (1987), AnchorHead, Save Merlin The Pig... Or it could be an Audio Adventure game for blind players... Or it could be a Board Game...
  13. How to "Streamline" a game

    How to "Streamline" a game? 1. Identify everything that add depth to your game and either delete it or make it dumb-proof. 2. Replace the engagement gap with cutscenes, set pieces and achievements. 3. Add NPCs to praise how awesome the player is every 2 minutes. 4. Take away the player control as much as possible so they can't do anything wrong. 5. Hire a professional nanny as consultant to help with specific issues. 6. Focus test and use metrics to tweak further. 7. Delete all gameplay and make a movie instead.
  14. Feedback on idea?

    [quote name='dtg108' timestamp='1354410648' post='5006163'] Sorry, just thought it might work good in a game. [/quote] Not a problem with that, don't worry ^^ I'm just reminding that a story is not a game, but using that to make a good game mechanic out of it is perfectly possible.
  15. Feedback on idea?

    Well, it's a plot idea not a game idea. Resembles the Awake series if you don't know about it.