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    What *is* game programming?

    Drag and drop or typing text? No difference really, both can achieve programming,. games or otherwise. Operator stacking, wiring nodes, punch cards? Since the output is==> a game you are programming a game,. I have a dream/idea about a pure symbolic programming language that IS a game., you just reminded me about that one.
  4. If you are more interested in working on the GAME than learning the language technology,. perhaps try the opensource ZGameEditor. It uses a C like scripting and lets you preview stuff in real-time from within the editor. This speeds up development of the game.
  5. You could try learning with a dev. tool like ZGameEditor [ http://www.zgameeditor.org/ ], this makes many things much simpler. You basically write your game in c but have everything in one file in a nicely organized tree in an editor. You can test right in the editor in real time, and when it is all working how you want just build for your target from the editor; win, linux, OSX, or Android (currently experimental). I have one game built this way in the Google Play store now, see; https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.iterationgames.SaucerInvasion Bullet physics is being added now, the tool/engine is under constant development. Give it a look anyway.
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