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  1. Spring Body Physics API

    you can try havok's proxy character controller
  2. DevIL mipmap generation

    iluScale is another way to achieve this
  3. DevIL mipmap generation

    i met the same problem, maybe that is a bug?
  4. mono as scripting engine

    I think the way of MS could not be used in C++, but the way of Mono can. You read this: http://www.mono-project.com/Embedding_Mono
  5. one is 8bit per pixel one is 1bit per pixel you can find the help on MSDN
  6. maybe you should download the windows sdk, because the VS express doesn't include that
  7. You should use HwndHost/WindowsFormsHost to host an "render area" in WPF application, D3DImage is only for D3D9
  8. Hi, here is an example for WPF interop with OpenGL(in the way of HwndHost): http://www.codeproject.com/KB/WPF/WPFOpenGL.aspx and I had successfully change that to an DX9 version. I think that is also can be done with DX10/11.
  9. a thought about scaleble ui and fonts

    you can have a look at the font in KlayGE, it's scalable http://p.blog.csdn.net/images/p_blog_csdn_net/xoyojank/EntryImages/20081206/KFontReleaseNoPerfHUD.JPG
  10. PerfHUD/PIX base reference?

    Press "Ctrl + T", if the frame rate increases, then there is a bottleneck on texture data to GPU. you can try use DXT texture format or smaller texture size "Ctrl + V" is similar, but this is for vertex data
  11. Bloom attempt

    it's too bright
  12. C++ TinyXml

    call "NextSibling()" method
  13. Image Libarary - Load Part of an Image

    ILuint width = ilGetInteger(IL_IMAGE_WIDTH); ILuint height = ilGetInteger(IL_IMAGE_HEIGHT); ILubyte* data = ilGetData(); Pixel* pixels = reinterpret_cast<Pixel*>(data); then you can treat image pixels as a array, copy or edit that
  14. read stencil value from render target

    i'd like render the depth value into the render target's alpha channel by pixel shader
  15. FMOD vs XACT?

    XACT is very easy to use it's content-driven, so it is convenience for programmers I choose it because it is free
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