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  1. Professional composer, game designer and programmer looking for a concept/3D artist to create 8-10 semi-cute simplistic characters (think Angry Birds, but in 3D) and their world (simple, cartoonish look in 3D) for a small-scale mobile game. I've attached a screenshot from a different game with the kind of design I'm shooting for. *** IMPORTANT - The characters themselves will have individual personalities and their appearance needs to convey very simply and obviously to the player their speed, aggressiveness, motivation, etc.. That's the most important part of the design. They will need to be "readable" from many angles, so the simpler the design, the better. *** The game will be released on the iTunes and Google Play markets, as well as Windows and Mac. There's no money involved up front, but I will have a contract for the right person or persons for a percentage of profits once it launches. Look me up online. Multiple references available. Cheers! Richard deCosta Composer of "Dovahkiin - A Dragonborn Symphonic Poem" and the "Oblivion Total Music Conversion" MOD.
  2. I'd be grateful for a suggestion on where to put it.
  3. I just completed a Total Music Conversion for Oblivion, and released the music under a modified Creative Commons license. 32 new pieces for your use. Just make sure I am credited. Also actively seeking new paying gigs. Dr.E
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