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  1. I'm making a puzzle game similar to: http://www.addictinggames.com/puzzle-games/jewelanche.jsp However i was curious, if there is an way to make sure i always have a connect-3 or more availabile
  2. Im using Haxe/Flambe for HTML5 Development right now, with FlashDevelop as my ide. Its pretty cool as it can also export to flash. Before such i was using Haxe/NME which can export to mobile and desktop platforms if you have them configured correctly. http://flashdevelop.org https://github.com/aduros/flambe http://www.haxenme.org/
  3. GMaker0507

    Can make money with flash games

    Take a look at http://FGL.com Its a place for making money off of web game sponsorships and such ( Mostly flash although they support for unity and HTML5 )
  4. GMaker0507

    Ellipsoid Intersection

    I'm trying to do some ellipsoid vs box/ellipsoid intersection in C#. For the box intersection, is it safe to assume i can just: Translate the ellipsoid and box, so the ellipsoid is at the originScale the ellipsoid and box ( size and position ) by the ellipsoids radii so the ellipsoid has a radius of oneHandle it like sphere to box intersection NOTE: nothings rotated, its all axis-aligned As far as ellipsoid v. ellipsoid goes, i'm kinda stumped. Anybody have any links to any articles or code. Thanks in advance
  5. GMaker0507

    Closest Point on a Ellipsoid

    Thanks for the reply's. It might take me some time to understand them both, i might just jump off it for now.
  6. GMaker0507

    Closest Point on a Ellipsoid

    [color="#333333"][size="4"]I need to know how to get the closest point on the surface of an ellipsoid to another point. [size="4"]I had an idea, but apparently i was wrong, and oversimplfying. [size="4"]What i did was squash the ellipsoid and point into local space, so the ellispoid is a unit circle centered at the origin vector3 pointLocalCoord = ( pointOriginal - ellipsoid.origin ) / ellipsoid.radii[size="4"]Then from there, the closest point should be 1 , in the direction of the transformed point from the origin vector3 closestPointOnEllipsoidLocal = norm ( pointLocalCoord )[size="4"]Then get back into standard space vector3 closestPointOnEllipsoidWorld = closestPointOnEllipsoidLocal * ellipsoid.radius + ellipsoid.origin[size="4"]But of course, all of this seems not to work. [size="4"]I'm trying to find the closest point to the center of a box. In this case, the box is stretched out alot along the x-axis. It works if the ellipsoid is directly over the center of the box, but not if the ellipsoid is moved . I measured the distance from the point i got using the method above to the center of the box, and it was actually larger than the distance i measured from the bottom point on the box. [size="4"]I was curious if any body could point me in the direction of some pre-existing code or such; as some of the articles i've tried reading kinda seem a bit troublesome
  7. GMaker0507

    XNA - Super Pong

    A XNA Pong Game made for school. Graphics and Programming done by me.
  8. GMaker0507

    Causing some Rotation with Torque2D

    I've been fooling around with the Torque2D 30day trial. At first, i was kinda appalled by the fact that it used its own scripting language, but now i'm starting to like it. I also like its behavior support, that you can add behaviors easily to objects. I might fool around with the 3d version later.
  9. GMaker0507

    Calculating Reflection Normal

    I'm making a pong game where you can rotate the paddles. I'm working on the computer AI atm, and i want the computer to know how to rotate to make the ball go in the desired direction. The question is, how do you calculate the normal vector that the paddle will have to reflect the ball off of, in order to make the ball go from traveling in directionA to traveling in directionB
  10. GMaker0507

    New Unity Game in Progress

    Now that i have finished my other projects, i have started on a new unity game. I'm gonna try and do some 3D Modelling in blender this time, to hopefully make it look a little better. Not gonna say what its gonna be yet I'm trying to get my dodge-ball game sponsored, if it doesn't get any sponsor attention then i will just put it on some unity sites and link to it.
  11. GMaker0507

    Unity - Dodgeball Training

    A Unity game i made, where you have to dodge the oncoming Dodge Balls.
  12. GMaker0507

    Dodgeball Pictures Up.

    Okay i have my dodgeball pictures uploaded. The Game still has some polishing to go through but for the most part your seeing what it is. I'm no 3D modeler, so its no the best graphically. Album w/ Images Attached. Ill upload a video to youtube when i finish polishing it.
  13. GMaker0507

    Unite to Play Dodgeball!

    Right now i'm working on a Unity Game. At first i made a demo using the FPS walker in a simple room. Now of course the common idea is to make some sort of FPS or such, but i decided to think outside the primitive and make a dodge-ball game. Images and Video in a later Post. ( Very Soon for the images )
  14. GMaker0507

    XNA - Whack a Mole

    Images from a XNA Whack a mole game i made. Programming, and Art by me.
  15. GMaker0507

    Setting up some targets.

    I have begun work on a small flash game called Sure Shot. Its nothing complex or innovating, just a game where you shoot targets. My initial motivation was for the BlackBerry Promo at FlashGameLicense.com , in which if you submit an okay game to the black berry store, the first 150 people with decent submissions will get a free blackberry playbook. Unforuntately the process is a bit more tedious and annoying than originally expected, and than in other promo's at FGL. You have to get a notary and email/fax it to them, you have to sign up for like 2-3 things, you have to download and install like 3 programs/sdk's then you have to configure your development environment to work properly. I'm also skimming on other errors/problems/obstacles in the process, so its seeming less and less worth it. Also, although it was waived for this promo i think, normally theirs like a 200$ administration fee for signing up for the store. Ill post some screenshots later when i polish up some graphics.
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