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  1. GMaker0507
    I've been fooling around with the Torque2D 30day trial.

    At first, i was kinda appalled by the fact that it used its own scripting language, but now i'm starting to like it.

    I also like its behavior support, that you can add behaviors easily to objects.

    I might fool around with the 3d version later.
  2. GMaker0507
    Now that i have finished my other projects, i have started on a new unity game.

    I'm gonna try and do some 3D Modelling in blender this time, to hopefully make it look a little better.

    Not gonna say what its gonna be yet

    I'm trying to get my dodge-ball game sponsored, if it doesn't get any sponsor attention then i will just put it on some unity sites and link to it.
  3. GMaker0507
    Okay i have my dodgeball pictures uploaded. The Game still has some polishing to go through but for the most part your seeing what it is.

    I'm no 3D modeler, so its no the best graphically.

    Album w/ Images Attached.

    Ill upload a video to youtube when i finish polishing it.
  4. GMaker0507
    Right now i'm working on a Unity Game.

    At first i made a demo using the FPS walker in a simple room. Now of course the common idea is to make some sort of FPS or such, but i decided to think outside the primitive and make a dodge-ball game.

    Images and Video in a later Post. ( Very Soon for the images )
  5. GMaker0507
    I have begun work on a small flash game called Sure Shot. Its nothing complex or innovating, just a game where you shoot targets.

    My initial motivation was for the BlackBerry Promo at FlashGameLicense.com , in which if you submit an okay game to the black berry store, the first 150 people with decent submissions will get a free blackberry playbook. Unforuntately the process is a bit more tedious and annoying than originally expected, and than in other promo's at FGL. You have to get a notary and email/fax it to them, you have to sign up for like 2-3 things, you have to download and install like 3 programs/sdk's then you have to configure your development environment to work properly.

    I'm also skimming on other errors/problems/obstacles in the process, so its seeming less and less worth it. Also, although it was waived for this promo i think, normally theirs like a 200$ administration fee for signing up for the store.

    Ill post some screenshots later when i polish up some graphics.
  6. GMaker0507
    So, for my XNA Game Programming Class we were recently assigned to make a Whack-A-Mole game.

    Because i had previously written some reusable code ( To handle drawing, game states, drawing text, game objects, etc ), the coding process went pretty easy ( Although the graphics programming was a pain, just because of how picky i can be ). But because i'm a coder before an artist, it was in fact creating the art in Photoshop that really took the majority of the time. Plus because i have a high standard when it comes to quality; i may have not met this standard, but it does cause me to look over every detail, and criticize it and try to edit it and see what looks good. Im not the type to just put something together quickly and then put it out for the world to see.

    The game is mostly done except for adding in maybe special moles, extra game screens, etc.. The game is at a point in development where i could call it done and be done with it, or continue on it adding extra stuff.

    Screenshots in the gallery attached. I might upload some gameplay footage to YouTube later.

    I'm also working on an asteroids game, for the class. Although the graphics design is going slow. I have the basic graphics done, but i'm trying to add some polish to make it all blend fine.
  7. GMaker0507

    I was a'browsin the forums and i came across a thread linking to this vid:

    So i thought, i might give such a try. Try to make a call of duty text based game.

    If it gets to a stable state, ill post a youtube vid, perhaps as a vid response to that guys vid.
  8. GMaker0507
    I'm working on a Flash game for a friend called limbo. Unfortunately development has gone much long than expected, and the game ( code-wise ) has changed drastically. Hopefully i can finish it soon, as it kinda makes me feel bad that i'm taking so long with it.

    The game is a simple platformer where you have to collect all the time slots and such by jumping around. Unfortunately when i think about it, it is missing sort of a unique fun factor, but implementing one might take a while. The game IMO is better than when he originally asked me to help him work on it, so thats good, but i still cant help but feel i could of done better.

    Also the game is being done in Flash, using AS2 ( i prefer AS3, but i started off of his original code in AS2 ). Which is good, but sometimes flash acts really stupid and inconsistent, which can be annoying.
  9. GMaker0507
    First Entry, yeah lets do it.

    To start, its my goal to be a game developer, Its simple as that; and its partially fulfilled, as i have made (flash) games before, while they may have not been the next halo, they were full, completed games. But my eyes ultimately are looking higher, at more prominent platforms like Xbox 360, PS3, the Wii, etc... I want to be apart of the projects my son ( should i ever have children ) will play on his Next-Gen console,and force him to watch the credits so i can see my name .
    I've been making games for some while now, but not at the level i want to. I've been making flash games, which are good; but i only look at the experience made in flash as a stepping stone to a higher place. With limitations on what it can do, working with flash has helped me learn about myself as a developer, learn how i need to improve, and also it has given me a good first glance into game development. Flash game development has taught me alot, and now i want to go on. Onto bigger things.

    I'm working on graphics for a XNA game. I haven't started the code yet, because thats gonna be the relatively easy part. Most of my past XNA mini projects have stopped because of a lack of graphics, thus why i want a solid graphical base down before i start this game. Of course i understand this is a solo project, but in the future i may have to work with teams, and thus may have to learn how to assemble a stable game only using placeholder graphics; but for now i'm gonna just focus on the graphics.

    I want to work on 3D games, which is gonna require me learning some 3D Modelling ( I've already dabbed in it, and done the basic stuff like simple polygon modelling, but nothnig serious ). I'm not opposed to this. Some people like to ONLY code, or ONLY do one thing, but i feel the more i can do, the better, and the better my ability to work on a solo project. Of course the idea of working with a team sounds good atm, but i also dont want to always be constrained to just one idea, leaving my ideas aside in the dust. The more i can do, the better i can bring my own ideas to life, should i be the only person working at them.

    Where i could go on, i'm gonna end this first entry, before i ramble my life away.
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