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  1. dmaidwell

    Code Layout techniques

    Thanks for all the input guys, quality of replies where great and alot of help!
  2. dmaidwell

    Visual Basic going away

    I've personally not read anything about it on tec websites I am involved in, but I did recently read that they are dropping VB from the Mac version of office.
  3. dmaidwell

    Code Layout techniques

    This subject interests me alot and I appreciate the reply. Interesting to see someone else that uses the same approach as me, anyone else care to add to this? I would greatly appreciate it.
  4. dmaidwell

    Code Layout techniques

    I was wondering whether there is a industry standard way of laying out C++ code? Because i know people like to use there own diffrent way of doing certain things e.g. I prefer to code functions like this but alot of other people have the brace on the same line as the fucntion name! draw() { } draw(){ } Also with pointers i write them like this --- shape* triangle; Whereas some people do it in this form ----- shape *triangle; I just want to know if i'm gonna have to chnage my style if i get in to the industry?
  5. dmaidwell

    SDL is it worth learning?

    I am studying at uni right now and im using SDL, according to my lecturers skills picked up in SDL are usefl because certain techniques are used at industry level. I.E. the structure of the program because design is very important, and how to use things that are no doubt used at industry level like STL containers...etc
  6. dmaidwell

    Game application layout in SDL

    with a score you can just find a medium which will let you write text on to the screen, i am still a beginner but in the past i have just set co-ordinates for where i want text to be displayed....for a map if it is a .bmp then you can do the same!
  7. dmaidwell

    how exactly to setup Ogg?

    I may be being slightly naive here, but can you not just use SDL_Mixer to accomodate OGG into your game...then download a conversion tool e.g. Audacity to convert your mp3 to OGG?
  8. also another quick one... i need to map the joystick controls for the ps2 I can find the GP2X case numbers for the buttons, but i need the numbers for the ps2 buttons so i can define them in a class and use them in the joystick handling event...i could not find them on the internet when i looked it would be greatly appreciated :)
  9. hi, i would call myself an amateur at SDL and C++..I am currently studying computer games software development at university and currently am creating a game using SDL in a module. It has to be a top-scrolling shooter, for this i am using a repeating background, which when it reaches the end it draws the same background again to give the impression of movement. The problem is i want to when it reaches the boss sprite, lock the screen and set boundaries around this area for the boss fight. So far, the way i have thought of implementing this is by using the keyboard event handling to not let it go beyond certain boundaries when pressing certain keys i.e. case: keydown_up If ship is over -8000 in the y { player cannot move forward } And then carry on much in the same vein. But this is very fiddly and im wondering if anyone could suggest a better approach? thankyou dmaidwell
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