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  1. Hey there! None of the earlier examples on my blog work on real hardware (I didn't get a development kit until later on in the project), I plan to revisit them and correct them all eventually - it's been 5 years since I wrote some of them and my code and knowledge are now a lot better! Here's the improved Hello World example, tidied up and corrected for use on real hardware: https://pastebin.com/kJC99PA7 and here's the workshop I ran which should help explain every single step: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1xCFrrsfpcuXVQsfBk8OgGJrbQ4aAiENjPjEny3xu5zQ/edit?usp=sharing Matt
  2. deadstar

    Never assume people know you think your code is crap

    If I have to paste some code in an email I quite often doctor it there-and-then to make it look its best, especially if the destination is external to the company. Just habit I suppose, but certainly not a bad habit to get into. The fact that you actually care how others read and understand your code is a marvellous thing, though.
  3. deadstar

    STM8S-Discovery review and tutorial

    Just ordered mine! I've been looking for the perfect excuse to get back into robotics since failing miserably to get into it at A-level, and here it is. Fantastic article, this is just the kick up the backside I needed. Quote:Original post by benryves I'm not sure if GameDev.net is the best place for it, really, given the lack of a "game" angle. I'm going to try my damn best to apply this to my games development, one way or another. I've always been inspired by things like this, and have a few similar (but smaller scale) ideas I'd like to try out.
  4. deadstar

    Innate to Pirate?

    Just chiming in quickly: I've just finished the World of Goo demo and I'm absolutely astounded. I had so much fun playing it, it's very polished, it's a great idea and it even has replay value. I get a cheque this week, and I'll be purchasing the game without a doubt. Forget about the pirates, like someone said above you couldn't force them to pay for anything even with a gun to their heads. There ARE people out there who love and respect the efforts put into these kind of games, and I for one am very willing to throw money at these developers in the hope they continue to make games. I'm looking forward to Friday. I wanna see how this Goo Corporation thing works out, it looks intriguing.
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