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  1. RT @voidspace: New exception in Python standard library (email package): InvalidMultipartContentTransferEncodingDefect #maybewehavejavaenvy
  2. Check out where I work! Give them a "like" for being so cool. If you don't, I'll sick Kenny Loggins on you. >:| http://on.fb.me/hTKOj8
  3. I'm learning vim and need your help advocating for the stackoverflow proposal for a vim section! emacs already has one. http://bit.ly/hwjOVC
  4. Are you sure that's not @pzmeyers ? RT @hodgman: ATTN: Green "Genius"--you will be hearing from my attorneys. http://twitpic.com/3v7g7s
  5. I is posting on your profile page because gamedev.net said your profile was lonely. Hurrr durrr
  6. Walked a mile home through forest at 3am. Checked behind for creepers and zombies constantly. Be prepared. #minecraft #RLZA
  7. Did you stay tuned? Because guess what!? I forgot to tweet ALL DAY. In short: New job is awesome.
  8. First day of new job! What's gonna happen? Stay tuuuned!
  9. Leaving for Austin soon; The internets better not die while I'm not on it.
  10. Why do I sometimes go back 50 entries in my console command buffer instead of just typing out the 10 character command again?
  11. Sometimes cold pizza is better than hot pizza. Soooo delicious.
  12. It needs more cats! MORE CATS!
  13. Hey #tweetdeck .. Why don't you not update the recommends list while I'm browsing it? I've been about-to-follow 3 people before you updated.
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