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  1. Retro FPS Avatars is an system to create and control 8-direction sprites in First Person Shooter style games.It is my own implementation of systems that has been used in oldschool FPS games.I have been asked questions about the solution of the sprite system that I used in my Wolfenstein3D clone game: Wolf.3D - Oldschool Wolfenstein 3D clone in Unity 3D [WIP] I decided to prepare such a system for the Unity store. Soon I will try to write more about this system but for now here is a promotional video.
  2. If You know or ever heard about Half-Life's Zero-Point Energy Field Manipulator (known as Gravity Gun) then You should became familiar with this small project. [media='800,450'][/media]   It is developed as Asset Store package which should be available within a month or two (if nothing bad happens). Main features: - customizable parameters: forces, sounds, appearance - easy integration with weapon systems in Your own projects - based on Unity's physic system I encourage you to comment on this project and to report any ideas that could be included before it is finished.
  3. Wolf.3D - oldschool 3D game based on Wolfenstein 3D

    Hello.   I have extended the map editor with some new functions. It allows now for adding actors to the map. For now there is only one actor definition and I'm working on some unified system to describe actor templates. Recently I also added feature to fill closed map areas with selected texture based on flood fill algorithm.   Here's the movie presenting actors placement:   [media][/media]     And here's Flood fill algorithm in action:   [media][/media]       Please subscribe to my YouTube channel if You would like to be notified of progress I make with this project.   Thanks, HealthbarGames
  4. I recently started working on an oldschool 3D game project based on Wolfenstein 3D. The first idea was to recreate old good game engine from Wolfenstein (and in later time also from Doom and maybe Quake) in Unity 3D. Then it cames idea of creating full game because making any engine You need some gameplay to test it. So I'm creating Wolfenstein 3D's clone (I'm not going to make it the same as the original) concentrating mainly on the engine/editor part of it. Currently I'm working on level/map editor and actors (sprites, AI).   More info availabe here at Unity Forum or here at my website I have prepared the video showing some capabilities of the editor made inside unity and some early stage of gameplay.   [media][/media]     And here some screens from this project.   [attachment=33928:Editor_01.jpg] [attachment=33929:Editor_05.jpg] [attachment=33930:Editor_03.jpg] [attachment=33931:Editor_06.jpg] [attachment=33933:Gameplay_01.jpg] [attachment=33932:Gameplay_02.jpg] [attachment=33934:Sprites_01.jpg] [attachment=33935:Sprites_04.jpg]       Thanks, HealthbarGames
  5. TrafficLightsSystem is a Uinity Software package for creating simple simulations of traffic lights.   [attachment=33923:TLS_Featured_1080x540.png]   It consists of three components   Manager controlling actuation of the successive phases of the simulation Component representing a single phase Component representing the traffic light module containing red, yellow and green light The simulation is divided into user defined phases. Each phase groups traffic light modules which should be switched on at the same time and defines timings for lights.   More info available on the Project page or at the Unity Asset Store Traffic Lights System   Dedicated Video Tutorial available here: [media][/media]   Some project screens:   [attachment=33925:tls_screen_02_1024x512.png] [attachment=33926:tls_screen_05_1024x512.png] [attachment=33927:tls_inspector_01.png]   Thanks, HealthbarGames   Website:   Project page:   Video tutorial
  6. [Android] Bouncing Balloons

      Google Play:   Hello everyone.   This is my first game for Android. Nothing fancy, it's very simple (You just need to tap on a blowers at the bottom of the screen to prevent balloons from falling on spikes), but as they say  - you have to start somewhere.   I made it with Unity and for such kind of game it's certainly an overkill but it was also an opportunity to learn Unity and how to make simple games.   Any feedback is appreciated.   Here's some video with gameplay: [media][/media]   and screens:         
  7. Yes, I thing it doesn't really matter as long as You make it the same way in all the places. As for effectiveness it depends on particular program or algorithm. If You load some textures once and then render them many times - it doesn't matter. But if You make many loadings during rendering (in yout main loop) then ofcourse it's faster to send modified texture coordinates than flip texels in some loop. Notice that it depends on image file format too. Some image formats holds data up side down.