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  1. therax1986

    Theraxius - HTML5 2D action game + level editor

    Hello. Like I promised, here is first “alpha test” video. This game is still “work in progress”. I have a lot of ideas, but it takes a lot of time to implement them. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated
  2. therax1986

    Theraxius - HTML5 2D action game + level editor

    Maybe a little detail about technology used behind the game. Like I said before, engine (all game logic and level editor) is written completely in JavaScript. Level data (stored in JSON format in the database) is exchanged thru Ajax calls. Server side is written in PHP. All images and sounds are preloaded from the server before play. The game uses HTML5 features like canvas, Fullscreen API, Pointer Lock API, Audio,… At this moment only Chrome and Firefox are supported. The game is meant to be played on PC, phones and tablets are not supported. theraxius.com
  3. Hi everyone. For the last few months I’ve been working on a simple HTML5 2D side scrolling action game called Theraxius. It's nothing new and revolutionary, it's more like an evolution of different technology (combination of HTML5, PHP, MySQL). The game also includes a level editor so you can create your own levels. The game and the level editor is written almost completely in JavaScript, no download is required. Just load and play. Here are a few screenshots and the link to the page. In the next weeks I’ll try to post some videos, try to add registration (for newsletter and later for public test). Release date: when it's done theraxius.com
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