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  1. That fixed the problem. I've to say that Valgrind is a quite good tool. Many thanks to you!
  2. I tried Valgrind and for what I understand the output it seems not to be my coding error. Full output:
  3. I tried compiling with -O0 -ggdb -g3 -fstack-protector-all but with no success. I've used exactly this same code on windows but I'm now compiling the code on linux and getting that error. When I comment out: key = SDL_GetKeyState(NULL); everything works, no errors, but also no key states :( . Of course I could just boot back to windows, but I'm curious what causes that error. I'm using glibc version 2.7
  4. I'm working on a SDL+GL project and I encountered a following error and I can't figure out what's the problem. Code: Uint8* key = NULL; key = SDL_GetKeyState(NULL); // Error occures here if (key[SDLK_0]) // handle key ... and throws a following error *** glibc detected *** /home/arppa/projs/debrislinux/bin/Debug/debrislinux: munmap_chunk(): invalid pointer: 0x0816cdf8 *** + backtrace + memory map i'm using sdl version 1.2.12 Has someone seen this error before and knows what's wrong. I'm pretty sure it's not the code becouse it runs fine on windows. Thanks in advance.