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  1. I need pixel art for 77 items completed by the end of 2017. This is the level of detail I am looking for (references attached). The artwork will be monetized for the Steam release of!/prosperity/home by Persera Software Inc. Thank you.
  2. Help - which language and software would you recommend for my web-development needs? So I'm starting a website, and wanted to know which language to look for when hiring someone. I'll need slideshow-widgets, loading another page determined by the timestamp (for daily news), and the ability to update an on-site spreadsheet. Later-on I might need to add a forum. The purpose of the site is for gaming, and if there's a host that already comes with this (such as then please refer me to it! I will not be running the server myself. Edit: Thank you for the feedback. After looking at some CMS I decided to migrate back to my bases and go back to WikiDot.
  3. No, it's not normal. I usually have to reformat every 60-80 games I install, because I get swamped with viruses
  4. Dream education

    How to eat pizza. During class!!! Your students will love You!
  5. Taking Game Design Suggestions From Fans

    Bring back Galactic Melee!! It's basically a remake of Subspace Continuum.
  6. Stacking crabs (and abilities!)

    Quote:Original post by CaptainLogic There are a boatload of different types of crabs, rofl Quote:Original post by CaptainLogic throwing fire, Yessss. Quote:Original post by CaptainLogic I have no idea what the alternatives are. Draw a 2-dimensional shape. Label each corner of your shape as an attack-category. Now, connect all of the corners. Where do you want the powerful attacks to be? Now make the strength of combinations consistent with your diagram. Shouldn't it also depend on whom you are attacking? Or maybe, the more "new" permutations of crabs you use, the better you do (try not to repeat the same combo)?
  7. Game Idea

    Nope, just a line. Assigning a value of X, "in" would be towards x=0, and "out" would be towards whatever the maximum X-value on the map was. Different X-values would have different terrain values (e.g. every 100th terrain could produce unique units). The ultimate goal of the game would be to conquer the x=0 terrain, and to do this, you would need your minions present. Minions can move one terrain per 5 minutes, and with skills like barrier, and area-of-effect damage, players are encouraged to stop minions for experience-gain. By modifying the minion-production of x=0 terrain, I would make it hard enough to capture so that players would have to use teamwork. Your hero occupies one x-value on the map, where we can see all minions that are at the same x-value. You can then program your hero to attack minions whilst you are offline (using the Queue feature), or attack in real-time using the "does not require waiting" skills. Thus, a minimal amount of time is actually spent playing (which allows you to do other things). My main worry here is that the benefit of creating multiple accounts will exceed the benefit of playing with others, so I need a real-time component to the combat-system. How can I make an automated combat-system difficult that players need to be online to use it? This is what I see as the largest problem, as the objective of the idea was to create a simplistic game. If each terrain on the map were represented by pixels, then each pixel would represent the terrain-type. Terrain affects which unit can be produced (I am going for a fantasy-theme, so units could be good, evil, or follow a faction-system like in Wesnoth).
  8. Game Idea

    So every once in a while we all get a great idea for a game, and forget to follow-through with it. Lurking on Gamedev, I am always reminded: "You should not create an MMORPG as it is lots of work." However, my favourite games are those which are multiplayer, so maybe I can just take the MMO concepts I like, and put them into a text-based applet. Title: Game Idea Concept: Players control a unit by queueing actions. By moving in two directions, players can explore and conquer terrain tiles, which produce computer-controlled minions. By sending computer-controlled minionsto take over the centre of the map, a player can win a small cash prize. Terrain tiles and players can level-up through combat. Programming Language: html or flash Key Features: - Simplistic 1-dimensional exploration - Queueing of actions while offline - Automated minions - Teamwork to control objectives - Multiple accounts and botting are supported Design Needed: - Minion vs. minion combat-sytem - Minion-production system - Player vs. Player combat-system - Player vs. minion combat-system - Capturing system - Movement system - Cash-prize system - Turn-regeneration - Action-queueing system - Teamwork integration with combat - Moving to teammates - Benefit from losing terrain - Terrain experience from combat-system - Player experience from combat-system - Player level integration with combat skills and movement Example: Turns per computation = player level One computation per 5 minutes Player controls his/her starting terrain, which produces minions he/she can combat. Fighting system where attacking allies --> XP is functional Level / Skill Description / Turn-Requirement 1 / Target weakest minion owned by self / 0 1 / Attack target minion / 1 1 / Conquer this terrain / <level of terrain>, requires friendly minions present 2 / Move out / 3 3 / Move in / 5 4 / create minion - type- / terrain required, required terrain multiple of 2 5 / Target weakest minion not owned by self / 0 6 / Set teleport location / 6, friendly terrain required 6 / Teleport to teleport location / 8 7 / create minion - leaf elemental / terrain required 8 / Set all conquered land within # spaces to attack here / 4 9 / Repeat last action on next computation / 0, requires that last action is not a repeat 10 / Move out if no targets detected / 10 12 / Target strongest minion / 0 13 / Create -type- minion / requires terrain being multiple of 13 14 / Create -type- minion / terrain required 15 / Move out instantly / 15, does not require waiting 15 / Move in instantly / 15, does not require waiting 16 / All minions/players conquering this terrain now target you instead / 0 17 / Move in if no targets is present / 10 18 / Target <playername> / 0 requires player present 19 / Move out if no target is present / 10 20 / Heal <playername> if he/she is present / 20 21 / Create - type minion / requires terrain being multiple of 21 22 / Go to most recent summon / 1, does not require waiting 25 / Attack strongest minion without its player here / 1, does not require waiting 29 / Summon nearest friendly minion with no orders / <distance of minion> 30 / Summon target player / <distance of target> 40 / Engagement - all minions here stop moving for 2 hours / 40 50 / Attack all (up to 250) minions present without their player here / 50 65 / Gain your turns for the next computation; gain no turns next computation / 0, does not require waiting 80 / Barrier - no minions can leave this space for 8 hours (must be cast 8 times for full-effect) / 80 100 / Create terrain in direction out / 150 Note: Players gain experience for destroying minions. Terrain locations gain experience (and thus faster production) for losing minions. Interface: Title Image -----------------------1-dimensional map showing adjacent terrain----------------------- Skills----------------------Current Skill Queue--------------------Minions present skill(add)------------------Queued skill(remove)-------------------Minion image skill(add)------------------Queued skill(remove)-------------------Minion image skill(add)------------------Queued skill(remove)-------------------Minion image Chatbox--------------------------------------------------------Timer until next Computation Feedback Requested: Which language should I use? I would like for this to be browser-based, and for there to be minimal load-times. Higher level players should be able to play in real-time (not waiting for computations) when they are online, in order to buff each other and destroy large groups of minions (e.g. conquering a terrain location where a player has let minions generate for weeks). Also, what should I do if a player dies? How do I encourage people to login at the same time so that they can buff other online players? How difficult should it be to level-up? What attributes should minions have? Should I have an output or even an interface for player vs. minion combat? Minion vs. minion combat?
  9. Looking For: Hex-Based Game

    Thanks. I did not mean to imply the necessity of all of the above preferences being fulfilled in one game. Yet I am looking for hex-based games to try, even if they are pay-to-play : )
  10. Australian Censorship. Flash games?

    Censor means that you have to say, 'Yes I am over 15, or have permission from my parents', before using the site? That sounds fine with me :)
  11. can someone give me an advice

    Working with a company, you have to follow the company's decisions, and not your own. Working as a private-developer, you get to make your decisions, but it is a lower wage. Personally, if my heart told me to leave, then I would. If my pride told me to leave, then... I hope I wouldn't. If the tutor is the boss... Then write a list of your ideas, and ask him how they can be improved (i.e. what he wants, instead of your ideas). I think that you just do not get along with the tutor, because he/she may not be a good tutor. But you'll still learn if you follow his advice, and since it is a course, you are being marked on what the tutor asks for. Devil May Cry 4 has an extremely difficult-to-render camera! First-off, you would need to study the rotational viewpoints, the frame-of-reference of the viewpoint, moving frames-of-references... Everything would have to be completely modelled... There are many 2.5D viewpoints that are much easier to do (isometric).
  12. New Game Idea

    I love the Regional Structures. The building-descriptions remind me of Outpost ( Will there be maximums on the number of heroes you can control? Will the game have resets? Will it be multiplayer? What is the difference between Outpost and the game-design which you had in mind? How will you make this first-person (like The Universal)? Or a top-down view-point? Will there be a 'grid' on which to construct buildings, or will terrain be more 3D? Will there be terrain 'obstacles' (rivers, canyons, boulders)? Your game-logo house looks a bit like something you would place on a hospitable planet (as opposed to 'dome-housing'). And I am doing well, thank you.
  13. Battlefield Heroes

    Quote:Original post by LockePick I had the beta for three weeks and never even made it to the login screen. Same. I think the servers were offline..?
  14. Emotionless MMO's?

    Short opinion: I like to hear music in the game itself. This elicits the proper response. If I watch a horror-movie, but the music is a fast-paced, vibrant piece with lots of rising-descending melodies... I laugh at the thrillers in the movie. If I watch a horror-movie with major seventh intervals in the music, or repeated minor seconds... Then I feel scared. Emotional-connections can be made using good in-game music.
  15. Looking For: Hex-Based Game

    Is this the right sub-forum to post in? Looking for hex-based games. Preferably: - Multiplayer (though a singe-player would be fine too) - 4X strategy - Tactical options like buffing and positioning (e.g. to concentrate your forces) - Real-time (is this too much to ask of a hex-based game..?) - Free But basically, I just want to know which hex-based games are out-there. E.g. Battle For Wesnoth Hex: A six-sided map-tile, which can usually be occupied by a unit or building. [Edited by - Phenoca on September 7, 2009 5:03:19 PM]