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  1.   Thank you, this was quite useful to me, I have read the original paper ("Motion Planning in Dynamic Environments using Velocity Obstacles [Fiorini 1998]"). Yet I have some problems in implementing it. is there any implementation of the algorithm in C++? and if not, what is "configurationSpace" and "Minskowski sum vector", how can I implement them in C++?
  2. Is there any effective algorithm for collision avoidance of moving cars in a street,  by only using decrease or increase speed?   I have read some other algorithms such as "steering collision avoidance" which is for fixed obstacles. and they only change the path and speed of the entity to avoid collision, but what if entities are moving and they are not able to change the heading? for instance assume that two cares are moving in two crossing streets, and the only thing that they can do to avoid collision is to decrease their speed. I was in though that I can use OBB's and check whether the two OBB's might collide in future or not. is there any better solution?