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  1. Man, an RTS with 3D terrain? That's impressive. I think importing 3D models is something I could figure out but a 3D world is something where I have pretty much zero idea of how it works. For the game I want to make it would be superfluous. My worlds are all flat 2D like old school Zelda except instead of tiles I want to draw them all free hand and scan them. Then I'll doctor them up a little in Gimp.
  2. I'm not using anyone else's engine, I programmed mine from scratch. I guess that's easier when it's 2D. You're probably talking about complex games that are like Doom3 or something, right? If I used somebody else's engine I'd be done already. I got inspired by reading about Battle for Wesnoth and the KISS principle so I made all my goals doable. ...even if I have to do the art.
  3. I'm not self promoting anymore, I just haven't changed my signature yet. I've already done self promoting and it seems pretty much useless. I'm going to get an easel and some pencils and try to teach myself the basics. I don't think I have to be Michaelangelo. I think mostly I have to work on making the game fun and then the art can be "C" quality.
  4. Anybody have a guess why it's pretty much impossible to find anybody to draw art for free for a game? I think I'm going to have to take some drawing tutorials on the internet and draw my game myself, which might actually be kind of fun now that I think about it. I definitely understand not wanting to work for free but it seems odd to me that there's nobody out there designing and drawing their own game and then trying to find somebody to program it for them for free. It's always opposite, programmers begging for artists.
  5. I'm not doing any 3D terrain. The world is 2D png's, it plays like SNES Zelda. I only want to import 3D characters.
  6. Yeah I'm reading this now: http://tfc.duke.free.fr/old/models/md2.htm My goal eventually is just to have some 3D characters walking around on 2D maps, kind of like the old Final Fantasy 7 game where the towns were 2D but the characters were 3D. I wonder if I really need something like ogre or if I could just write it all myself? I don't really know much yet.
  7. If I want to learn how to create an md2 or md5 or whatever kind of animated 3D model in blender and then write a simple C++ program that loads the character and makes it walk, where can I learn how to do that?
  8. The download link is broke.
  9. Hey I'm making a basically 2D game. Right now it plays like SNES zelda and uses a lot of sprites. I think I want to switch characters to 3D and have something like that old Final Fantasy 7 game where the towns were 2D and the characters were 3D. So I suppose I want to learn how to create a character in 3DSMAX or some knock-off and make a bunch a key states or whatever they're called and learn how to import it into a game. So where's the best place to read how to do that?
  10. Free download. Sweet.
  11. Okay. I guess API is all I really need to know for practical stuff. But if anybody knows a good book to read to learn all about TCP/IP, protocols, network stacks, and layers I'd like to know. I doubt I'll use the knowledge but it seems like something I ought to understand. I guess I would also like to really understand how packets and information and all that is actually transmitted so I guess that would be network topology.
  12. Oh, C++. Mostly I use the g++ compiler. Actually I programmed something with sockets a long time ago but it seemed sort of like "magic" to me. I never really learned it very deep and honestly I can't remember sockets at all, I just remember they weren't too hard to pick up.
  13. Anybody got a book recommendation for learning about the internet? Something maybe with some practice programs? For instance after I'm done reading I would want to be able to write something like a chess program with a Windows version and a Linux version. And you could play someone on the other side of the world. I suppose you could type in an IP address but also I suppose I'd like to learn how to program a server where everybody logs on and looks for games. Basically I know next to nothing about the internet. I vaguely know that IP address is sort of like a phone number. But I don't know how the phone network functions either. I don't even know what http:// means.
  14. Sounds good. And I just interviewed at an awesome stone shop with all great machinery and the boss seems like a good guy. I think I'm quitting the $9 job. Even if I don't get this stone job I'm sure I'll get one soon enough. Especially if the economy picks up but probably even if it doesn't. I don't know what I sound like to other people but I really don't have anything against school. (For other people.) I'm sure some people get a lot out of it. I just know a few that didn't and I don't think I would either. I never pay attention to teachers, I always end up looking out the window and daydreaming or falling asleep. The classes I got A's in I always read the book on my own and the other classes I flunk. I suppose I could bust my ass and get A's in everything (I wouldn't) but then I'd still be learning on my own. May as well just buy the book.
  15. I can work in a group online. If I get good enough I can join the Battle for Wesnoth project. No one's changing my mind about school anymore than I'm changing anyone else's mind. I know this isn't a battle of wills and you're just trying to help. I'm just saying it's pointless, we'll just keep throwing the same arguments at each other. If I'm wrong then when we're all on our deathbeds the people who went to school can brag that they're dying with more money. It's not a big deal to me. I don't hate my job and nobody can stop me from writing the programs I want to write.