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  1. If you're using the pre-DX9 FVF and the fixed function pipeline instead of Vertex Declarations and shaders, he warning makes sense. DX uses the flags to determine the size of the vertex and the location of the data. It's giving the warning because the sizes are different from expected. Why do you pad the vertex size? Are you planning on adding more data later? Just curious. Dominque Douglas www.miraclemanstudios.com --- you know i'm getting frustrated when i start naming my variables "please_work" and "for_the_love_of_god" :-(
  2. Domini

    Hooray for japanese games!

    I'll never get those lost seconds back. Oh well, I would have just wasted them anyway. Back to coding. I wonder if the Japanese gaming industry is declining in popularity. "technicolor weird" Yeah that about sums it up. Dominque Douglas www.miraclemanstudios.com --- "I don't know what's so tough about the drug test. The questions aren't hard, if you study. What do you take for a headache? What do you take for a stomach ache. When I played, I was dedicated. I stayed up all night studying for my urine test."
  3. I saw nothing wierd, but it sure is fun taking the characters in the character demo's and throwing them around. That just made my day. Seems like a good system, I need to play with it a little more. Dominque Douglas Miracle Man Studios www.miraclemanstudios.com
  4. Domini

    How often backup?

    I keep backups of my project directory on 2 hard disk on my home computer. I also put backups on my work pc and laptop. I perform CD backups daily. Sometimes upto 4 times in a day if I have a lot of major changes. I also have password proteced backups at friends and family members houses. So I can relate to Andrew.
  5. Domini

    IP agreement help

    It's hard to say what's fair. IP is just a very sticky subject. I use to do something similar to what you describe in your second clause in the past. The biggest problem you may have is not being able to stop the programmer from deciding to quit the project and take the code. Then you won't have an engine. That's also the thing with giving away company ownership. What if the person leaves? I bring these things up, because I've almost been burned by them. Deferring payment is not a neccesarily a bad compensation model. My feeling is this, without money motivation is less and people may not want to stay or they may suck and you want them to leave. What happens then? Just make sure you answer that. I had to dish out money when this happened to make sure I wouldn't have IP problems later. I was not happy.
  6. Domini

    IP agreement help

    If the programmer isn't paid your may not be able to keep the property even if it's specified in the contract. In the US there have been cases where contracts have been over-turned because of "one-sidedness". Basically if the programmer is not being compensated, don't expect to get any of his intellectual property. Even if they sign it away, without "fair" compensation they can possibly get it back. This is why I pay all the people I contract. ------------ Sorry I took a law class 2 years ago in college but most of it escapes me. This includes terminology.
  7. Can you post a screenshot? I'm curious about what this looks like. It may help someone figure it out.
  8. Domini

    Road Rage

    I admit the woman sounds stupid (resists sexist comment), but you didn't help the situation. But I admit I've reacted the same and slowed down in the past. I travel the beltway and I agree, people can't drive. But if you ask around you'll notice 9 out of 10 people in the DC metro area feel like only they know how to drive and everyone else sucks. Atleast that's how I feel.
  9. Can you post a little more info, like you FVF rendering implementation? Ie, are you calling SetFVF()?(I think that's the method) If you have multiple vertex formats, are you calling SetFVF when you switch to this one. I only use shaders and VertexDeclarations, so I'm a little rusty on DX9 and FVF. Wish I could help more. Is the screen completely black? If nothing is rendering it could be something else. Check the return value of your DrawPrimitive()?
  10. Domini

    One good thing about I, Robot

    *SPOILER* My take on Jim Adams' points. He was in a bad car accident and since he couldn't exit the car, my guess is he was some how pinned. When the robot saved him, it was quite forcefully and this may have either ripped off his are or left it in bad shape. He hates robots because they don't feel. He doesn't believe pure logic can be used to decide things. In his opinion, it would have been the caring thing to save the girl and let him die since humans value a child's life more. But the robot was purely logical. Long story short, he doesn't trust robots because they don't have hearts. I really liked the movie, but I do think this part of the movie could have been brought out more.
  11. Domini

    Revenge of the Sith

    I don't mean to tick off the purist, but I think Lucas is an awful director. I'm with Conner in that I think if A New Hope was released today, it we only be in theaters for a weekend, but Empire and Return, the non-Lucus directed titles would do well. Especially Empire which I think had great character development. My biggest problem with the new trilogy is the droids. I hate the stupid droid tie-ins and feel it wasn't needed. I also hate the way Lucas develops Anakin, but I think it's cool the way he has Palpatine directing things and no one is aware. I wouldn't be surprised if even Dooku doesn't quite know who the Sidius is. BTW, cg is nice and all, but nothing out does real people. Think back to Return of the Jedi when everyone greeted the emperors arrival to the Death Star.
  12. Domini

    Race/colour of character on game's appeal

    It's funny how people use things invented by black people and would never guess in a million years the inventor was black. Everyone knows Thomas Edison invented the light bulb but noone gives a second thought to the black guy that invented the carbon filament, Lewis Latimer. Or Otis Boykin who invented various types of control devices for computers and guided missles. Or Dr. Patricia E. Bath whose new form of eye surgery help many blind people see. Garrett Morgan invented the and traffic lights. Frederick Jones invented a self-starting gas engine and the first truck regrigeration system. Dr Charles Drew showed that plasma lasts longer than whole blood, a medical breakthrough that enabled the creation of the modern blood bank. I sound like a Black History Month commercial. All people are the same. Black inventors just aren't talked about. That doesn't mean they aren't there. Other black people just haven't had the opportunity. And everyone's a mixed bag. There's no such thing as 100% anything. From the PBS show I watched, throughout history, people have always mixed together. And genetic research proves that. Modern races come from people being isolated. Genetically, the people in africa are so diverse they have all the neccessary genes to recreate all the races. My last comment unless things switch back over to game design.
  13. Domini

    Race/colour of character on game's appeal

    I feel the same way as KevinG. As long as there’s a good back story I see no problems with the game or its subject. There are people that live that way and there’s no reason to sweep it under the rug. Organized crime is organized crime. The differences between California gangs and the Italian mob aren’t very big. The mafia is just older and more glamorized. I’m also a believer that all humans equal. Race is just a made up human concept that has no real world value. Environment and opportunity are the biggest difference makers. Black people don’t have any predefined mental models. Black people in inner cities are no different from anyone else in inner cities. I saw a show about race on PBS a few days ago and all humans are about 85% different genetically and in general you’re just as different if not more different genetically to people in your own racial group than to people in other groups. Race is such a small thing and the color of ones skin and some physical characteristics have no bearing on intellect and personality. I wonder if it's good for the industry to take on more themes such as this in games. If so, how could designers go about it?
  14. Domini

    Race/colour of character on game's appeal

    As a 23 year old black guy I must say that infrmtn post is the most insulting thing I've ever read. I've played as white people, asians, blacks, and women in games and I never thought anything of it. Limiting yourself because you don't want to play a black character sounds a little ... Here's a question, take your favorite game and replace the main character with a black/hispanic person and change none of the story or the character's attributes. Would you still want to play it? [Edited by - Domini on July 19, 2004 4:18:17 PM]
  15. The show was good. There were a lot of industry vets that game great advice. My two favorites were Matt Firor from Mythic and Michael Cosner from Red Storm. They gave good advice for obtaining jobs in the industry and answered questions like: "What to include in a demo?", "What's the choice programming language to learn?", "What kind of education do game companies look for?". The audience was mostly artist, then programmers. There were 4 musicians that were passing out demo CDs. Overall it was tons of networking. Makes me want to join the local IGDA chapter.
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