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  1. Say you wanted to quit your job and just live on the proceeds of game sales such as in the Android store and the iPad store. As a game developer you could potentially live anywhere in Europe so the best place would be somewhere: 1) Where the price of living is very low. 2) Where you have access to high speed broadband 3) Where cost of replacing laptops etc is low. 4) Where it has good dental care. Where do you think the best place to live is? BTW Since I live in the UK I am entitled to live anywhere in Europe. Possibly other places I could live with a 6 months working visa. What do you think?
  2. plooby

    2D Hand drawn art

    I've seen some good games done like that. There was one with the character was a crash test dummy and bits of his limbs could fall off! But maybe have a look at the early 2D streetfighter games. They just seem to have different poses drawn out fully. But it still was a good game!
  3. plooby

    Where to start

    If you like making 3D models then try downloading Blender or a similar tool. (I used to like anim8or) to build up your portfolio. If you want to be a level designer, find games that let you design levels (I know Tomb Raider Revelations for PC had this as a bonus CD) and do that. Whatever you do you should build up a portfolio of examples and practice practice practice. Then try applying to game companies.
  4. plooby

    Help ..from everyone

    Hmm... maybe you could try making it in Silverlight? This is a Microsoft web plugin like flash but you can program it in C#. It is good for graphics and you could also put it on your website as a bonus!
  5. plooby

    Simple Animation

    Doesn't sound like you need to program this. If you're doing this in 3D, you could make all the models in Blender and then just use keyframe animations. It sounds like more of an animation than a program. Or does it have to be done in OpenGL?
  6. awesomeanimator.com Flash Animation Software
  7. Yeah, a timeline structure would be good. Something like this: var attack_timeline:Array = [ {duration:123, type:"wave",aliens:24} , {duration:43.2,type:"sweep",aliens:19} , {duration:12,type:"wave",aliens:12} ]; You could either store the duration of an attack before the next one or the time the attack would take place, or the distance travelled by the user where the attack would take place or a hotspot which would trigger an attack. If you want to be especially jammy you could read this info in from an XML file. Think about all the data that your game needs then think about how you would store it in arrays and structures and so forth. You could set up all these structures before you have even programmed anything! In terms of programming the wave. You just assign the attack-type to the alien. Then the alien will follow a set time-line like you said depending on it's attack type. e.g. alien[25].attackmode = "wave"
  8. Well, if you know C# XNA Game engine is good (Microsoft). It is free. You can make 3D games for XBox and Windows. I wouldn't exactly say it's the easiest in the world but I'm sure you could mess around with some of the demos and see if you could modify them?
  9. Hi, I have made some Flash AS3 compiler software here: awesomeanimator.com . So you can try it for free. I'm not sure how intuitive it is to use so if anyone wants to try and write some AS3 with it, that would be interesting to see. For example. Opening the script window. Choosing "set main timeline class" and call it "main". And then typing into the constructor: graphics.lineStyle(10,0xFF0000,1) graphics.drawCircle(200,200,100) When you preview this in the flash player or browser it will draw a circle. Anyway, try it out! If you manage to make any type of game or even something simple I would be interested to know. (Or if you find a bug!!!)
  10. plooby

    hosting your software/game

    actually that looks quite good. Thanks for the advice. Talking of the exchange rate, if I sell software for 20 dollars = 10 pounds on my site because of the strong pound does this mean it is cheaper for Americans or British?
  11. plooby

    hosting your software/game

    That looks interesting but I would be more looking for something that has a set price per GB and which you can change to as little or as much as you like so it is more predictable. It looks like things either have a maximum bandwidth and then charge at a higher rate after that or they have "unlimited" bandwidith but which they'll probably cut you off if you use too much.
  12. plooby

    hosting your software/game

    I have some software (4MB) and am trying to find the cheapest way to host it. Currently I am with Yahoo web hosts which gives you bandwidth of about 20GB per pound for the first 200GB and then about 2GB per pound above that. This seems funny to me as it would be cheaper for me to sign up to two sites with 200GB each and link them together! I am panicking a bit becuase I am running out of bandwidth! Are there any better options you know of or have used?
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