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  1. Y2Krieg

    Newbie resume/example code?

    Well good, that's what I was hoping to hear. Thanks for confirming it all for me. Much appreciated. ;)
  2. Y2Krieg

    First time: Resume for an internship

    I've actually managed to get several interviews for internships with the resumes I've written. I'll add my two cents, but I'm sure others may disagree. I completely agree with Sneftel in several areas, the resume should only span a single page. Do whatever necessary to make sure it doesn't go to that second page. Smaller font, cut the fluff...whatever it takes. A screener will only look at glance at the page for 3 seconds. You need to catch their eye and keep it simple. You do put too much emphasis on the German courses, but I don't think your devisity in languages should go unmentioned. I had a friend who applied for a co-op position where his job was to translate German code to English code, since the company he worked for had its main office located in Germany (he lives in the US). I'm sure that you would have beat him out of the position having experience in the language (my friend had no experience in German prior to the job). I wouldn't bother mentioning the courses, just that you have experience in the langage. That's all. Short and sweet. Your awards are impressive. I wish I had something like that to share. Those are big advantages over any competition. Put them in view. And besides saying "Basic knowledge of C++ and Java", I'd just make a list of the skills/languages you have. It's too wordy. Again, I think a short message like this is better: "Languages: C++, Java, Perl, Python..." If you don't have enough room to fill the one page (but I think you got it covered), I'd list specific projects you worked on. Just a brief one-liner. Put a bullet in front and say "Made a Java GUI interface that accessed a MySQL database of student records." Perhaps this could apply to those shaders you mentioned in the resume (but I'm still unfamiliar with Graphics programming, so it may not apply, but you'd know better than I. ;) ) Those are some of my opinions. I think if you can organize your resume to convey the important stuff, they'd have no excuse not to give you an interview. You sound like you know your stuff. ;) Good luck and hope that helps!
  3. Y2Krieg

    Newbie resume/example code?

    To all those who have an opinion: So I've recently graduated from college with a B.S. in computer science and am contemplating my resume. A position I would shoot for would be any entry-level programming job, and not necessarily in game programming. In fact, since beggars can't be choosers, I'd pretty much accept any reasonable offer doing anything related to my field. My question is: Should having example code of my "work" be something I should submit with my resume? I think it would probably depend on the company and what languages/tools they emphasize in their classified ad. I'm not sure a company that mostly uses Perl to program would want to see example projects in C++. Which brings me to another question: If you believe having sample code is helpful, what kinds of programs/applications should I have available? It's probably clear to you that I don't have any industry experience, but I'd like to demonstrate that I have learned from my education to be able to apply some concepts. I'm not sure if the small little programs that I've wrote for class would be eye-catching enough. So what type of program might help raise a screener's interest to bag an interview? Suggestions and input would be great, especially if you've contemplated this yourself before. :)
  4. Y2Krieg

    What qualifies someone to teach computer science?

    What does ratemyprofessors.com say about her? ;)
  5. Y2Krieg

    Just thought id say.....

    I am a new fish to this site too (well-- not really, long time lurker, recent poster). But I'm not here to steal your thunder, but instead to welcome you as well, for what it's worth. I'm sure we will have equally as stupid questions within time. :)
  6. Hi there, Well, I am a recent graduate of a B.S. in Computer Science. I've been through all the classes (Basic C++/Java, Data Structures, Operating Systems, amoung many others). I actually had my degree focus on a bioinformatics option ( molecular biology/genetics). I still don't consider myself a great programmer, despite having a 4-year degree (Although, I don't think many graduates would be arrogant enough to make such a statement, I always felt that programming was a struggle for me. I've become better over-time, but it's been a long, hard road). I've always had a big interest in programming games, and I always suspected it would be a challenge. My studies have humbled me to realize how challenging it really is. Nonetheless, I still remain interested, and just started reading about DirectX this past week. I've done some of the projects at directxtutorials.com ,and it's been enlightening. Anyway, I'm willing to express my newbieness and maybe we can help one another out if you're interested (or anyone else out there). If so, send me a PM. :)
  7. Y2Krieg

    [C++] sqrt()?

    Works fine for me under MSVC++ 2008 Express Edition, if that's any consolation. Maybe try using <math.h> instead?
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