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  1. jezham

    Abusing -1 rep

    Sorry to disagree with this particular post, but it would be a bit stupid to further upset pitchfork waving posters! Concrete evidence: it certainly stopped me from posting here since <strike>mentioning</strike> complaining re the issues of malicious voters. Anyway, I don't intend to post again as long as the 'rep' system exists, and I've been around as long as anyone.
  2. jezham

    Upgrade Update: Reputation Feedback

    [i][b]"1. What do you like about the current reputation system?"[/b][/i] The lounge doesn't use the discrimination system, feels like you can walk in there without the music stopping (w/ all eyes staring at some fake value). [i][b]"2. What do you dislike about the current reputation system?"[/b][/i] Being accepted for helping someone should be easier than the automatic denial of acceptance. Some answers are clear-as-day correct, I've posted 1-liner solutions (allowing hardware to do the work) and people don't accept that? out-freekin-rageous. [i][b]"3. Do you have any proposals to improve the existing system?"[/b][/i] I did actually, all sorts of improvements. I tested out one and the response was frowned upon. Basically there is nothing wrong with _applying_ for tags which identify a posters strengths. I'm sure you could find "trusted" members (> 10 years apparently) who would voluntarily (like everything of course) have a little discussion on who to award them to this month. Also rename "Reputation" to "Gift of The Gab". So I'm also opting out of the GDN thing; it would be wasted on what has became a frustrated member, who can clearly see that people will _never_ accept him. Go ahead and ban me if you like, I've seen this type of [i]community[/i] activity all before from Hodapp and his minions.
  3. jezham

    Upgrade Update: Reputation Feedback

    Dude I've been here for a decade, trying. I *don't* take and I sit here with very little. I don't care for the mood anymore because 'normal' people are joining the thinly disguised insults now, not funny after half-a-life. I tried deleting accout, there is no option. So I edited a couple things for clarity. Now please brush me under your carpet, I could'nt try any harder to be positive (before this thread), I could create a new account and be 'some random guy', that was [the] point TEN YEARS earn shit. /out
  4. jezham

    Upgrade Update: Reputation Feedback

    I shall rep-hrase seeing as random guys words are going over heads; haters don't upvote everyone. Now, I will die of old age time anyone takes me past the 200s so I give up talking to deaf ears. Unsubscribe / delete my account. Good bye.
  5. jezham

    Upgrade Update: Reputation Feedback

    Again, it (prejudice voting) is only a problem to the minority effected. Yeah I could help that by sticking an avatar up, and having a name which doesn't confuse people / language barrier issue? But as any previous efforts were stripped then I don't want a logo next to what looks like a leech (200 points in like 10 years). Yes what I say is purely based on vibe. When I went for that sebatical to mobile, the one thing that stood out was the communities were nothing like as helpful and friendly as what I always remembered here as. Perhaps things just stepped down a notch since then (people in general / next generation / normal life). I think there could be a request form for 'guru' tags. Then anyone small-minded can have  their mind blown by seeing "200 monkey balls, [C guru] [OpenGL guru]" <- my request.
  6. jezham

    Upgrade Update: Reputation Feedback

     The system is broken and sounds like it will continue to be, judging by reading the above. As my opinion seems the minority then it is meaningless to the issue: people upvote people rather than posts. It's a popularity contest again. I'm noticing that gems have a big fat zero next to them, how is that a good thing? I'm going to rethink all of this during some long bike rides, but right now the system has pushed me away and I don't feel like contributing to ungrateful people who only upvote their mates, or something wrong. Perhaps I shall return to answer the asked questions directly.
  7. I'm still noticing that the rep system sucks. Sorry posters, your words make total sense, but I feel like someone told me the 80s were a myth and go relive it if you want that history back. And it's taking a decade to earn a handful of days (Karma points, whatever they're supposed to rep...). I'm opting out of the sytem, both ways, it'll get reset again by 1985 anyway!   edit2: edit1 vanished so that was fun
  8.  I don't think it can be done much faster and smaller than just adjusting your UV coords in the vertex shader. // vertex uniform lowp int u_baseTextureID; attribute mediump vec2 a_uv; // normalized UV, .x also contains texture ID varying lowp int v_textureID; varying mediump vec2 v_uv; ... v_textureID = a_uv.x < 1.0 ? u_baseTextureID : 1 + u_baseTextureID; v_uv.x = a_uv.x < 1.0 ? a_uv.x : a_uv.x - 1.0; v_uv.y = a_uv.y; edit...Better still, plus allows more textures than GLES2 can shake a stick at: //ex. vec2(2.0, 0.0) is adjusted to vec2(0.0, 0.0) w/ texture id 2 v_textureID = int(a_uv.x); v_uv = vec2(a_uv.x - float(v_textureID), a_uv.y); I suggest your UVs are pointing at pixel centers vec2i(2047, 0) would be vec2(2047.5, 0.5) / textureDim   edit2: might as well go all the way; use GL_REPEAT then you only have to pass the textureID and leave the UVs as is (v_uv = a_uv). Note the advantage of doing this in the vertex shader rather than for every texel.
  9. Option 3 with a 3D texture could work, seeing as you're also limited to 8 textures at once, then just select the layer based on your UV like you say. Hm it's kinda funny considering back 5 years to when I was keeping fragment shaders uber simple, that's compared with today's crazy goings on with MSAA, lights galore, etc! But just like today I would say aim to optimize speed rather than size, perhaps even pass the texture layer as an attribute with each vertex.   edit: I was reading your post more than thinking; in terms of speed it'll just be your vertex shader passing a lowp int to the fragment shader. (or if adjusting the U element then an extra vertex instruction or two) [frag shader will be the same except for referencing a varying rather than a uniform]
  10. Hi Unshaven. I can relate to your posts quite a lot, I also started as a software renderer (Amiga days). I think you should stick with OpenGL, via GLFW and GLEW. Default setup is great, or perhaps manually specify v3.3 [core] (if everything uses VAOs). Oh and you're going to love shaders! Indeed forget about Apple, those guys deleted my album art on day 2. Had a terrible experience mentioning it at the time, too. If I could change one part of my journey it would be to've stuck with PC instead of trying mobile for a few years. For resources do Google searches and shortlist each subject to stuff that seems right to you. Don't put off bug fixes (at least keep a todo list), instead keep things as you expected them to be as you go, or just go around in circles which perhaps is a good option for a few laps before settling on decent base code (preferably in a library called libunshaven or something!).
  11. Interesting the rep doesn't change in the lounge, maybe I should just hangout here chilling as suggested. Well that was the thing, I came back to square one to find a different atmosphere. I guess without the stripes i didn't feel like my contributions were seen as certified anymore, because the rep suggested I was relatively a noob. In turn I didn't post on the return. [insert] I'm fine about not restoring the rep to something at all realistic, but I thought asking the community to decide as a mob would be a fair way. No need to worry about that now. Sometimes I think the way systems change and disregard the minority effect is too cold. But now that I understand the situation it really isn't worth persuing. I shall continue as I was, there isn't a friendlier community around. Perhaps racedepartment is cool OT! Thanks everyone.
  12. Hi community, I joined here at a long time ago, for me it was even before owning a mobile phone (they were army-type mobile phones at the time). Anyway, over a couple of years I earned a decent rep here (back when people were grateful for other people's efforts). I felt like I stood next to some other decent folk, who would (and still are) more than happy to help anyone. But then, I did get a mobile and found myself had drifted away from here, dunno why at the time it was different here in other ways too, like it was desktop style here I guess. So yeah, eventually I logged back in here and my rep was 100?! WTF. Then it popped up a couple of times, I ended up like 160 of some noob amount. I try helping people - there's nothing I have to ask I'm a veteran - but seriously my rep isn't right. I feel disrespected almost! I'm posting now to see what the true colour of the situation is. You may vote me up or down as you please and I shall go from there. Thank you.
  13. Before this thread gets too old, plus if the OP is still around, and certainly for search results: I suspect the OP is using glBlitFrameBuffer from an FBO direct to the backbuffer, in which case the SRC/DST coords must be the same dimension. However, as stuff like shadow debug windows tend to be a fraction of the original size when viewed (as a 'postage stamp') then a 2nd FBO is required for the scaling to take place to. Then a 1:1 blit can be done from the 2nd FBO to the backbuffer with matching dimensions on SRC/DST. I can't imagine why GL is like this, imo a bug :)   ...indeed (read OP again).
  14. I'm sorry, toggling which parameter? Compare_mode? ... Yes. GL_NONE would be set (when generating the texture) for displaying the debug quad. Or enable a compare mode for normal shadow lookups to work. I noticed nobody else seemed to have the issue and later searched images for one which displayed a shadowed scene plus debug at the same time. Guess my method was old as the issue happened way back in 2008! Also, not at work PC right now but I think you should set parameters before generating textures, possibly within the cube loop? I forget tbh.
  15. For my old shadows with debug depth texture displayed in corner, I had the same side effect which toggling the parameter (re-gen) would workaround. Though it wasn't the first or last time GL gave empty results of course! For your second question I think there's nothing to lose by using an empty frag shader. Though I can't say the same for the alternative. I think the difference (if any) is readablity in your code. Best to test on various machines if you can, but I think optimizes like that are secondary and driver dependent.
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