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  1. Hey uh... I apologize for bringing this 7 year old post back from the grave, but it's still a top result on google (and/or linked on angelcode's download page)... if anyone tried using Promit's code with the latest version of BMFont, you'll notice crashes, here's what to look out for: 1. There's an unhandled new key in the if( Read == "char") section called "chnl" -- just add another case for it 2. All the values in the file can be signed, so don't use the unsigned shorts from the CharDescriptor struct as-is (otherwise half your letters won't show up and you'll want to kill yourself). Like Promit, cast everything to float! (3 days of "where the flying **** is the letter P?") 3. First char is now systematically id -1 (or 65535 unsigned); that's not a valid array index -- it's data for the unicode "unknown character" character. Either skip it or save it separately, maybe a "defaultChar" variable somewhere... That's my quick and dirty debugging advice... Take it or leave it. Sorry again for the gravedigging.
  2. kiwibonga

    GameDev.net Community Challenge!

    Hey, sorry for the late reply... I typed up a response before, but I guess I probably got sidetracked and closed the tab before submitting! I think it would be nice to consider doing a bundle together, maybe also bringing in other people from the GDNet community, but it's important to look at the business model behind a bundle. It's pretty much like selling a $15 cake made with $100 worth of ingredients... That's a lot of money going down the drain for everyone, especially if the titles are strong enough to stand on their own. A bundle seems like a smart move to extend the lifespan of existing games, as opposed to an introductory offer... How about we meet back here when everyone's got a game published?
  3. kiwibonga

    GameDev.net Community Challenge!

    Hi there, Here's a little reworked version of my entry: Download (ZIP, 15 MB) I fixed a few bugs and added a (big) level... Also you can change the resolution of the game by editing the ini file; see readme.txt. Stay tuned for a commercial release... Hopefully by the end of the year!
  4. kiwibonga

    What you got to do to get a job, dammnit?

    Have you looked into private funding? It's what I'm doing now... Contacting everyone I know to find someone who can inject a measly $5k into my project. I feel like a panhandler! But there are many success stories out there... I'm sure your videos of Squishy would be enough to convince potential investors; no doubt about it.
  5. kiwibonga

    Searching for the right engine... maybe

    When you say static level geometry are you saying that it's hard to make levels with moving parts (that's a non-static level geometry) or are you trying to say it's hard to make levels that have a static level geometry, but are generated at runtime. That might be a poor way to phrase that question... are you referring to procedural generation of a static level (ie, the level doesn't change once it's made, but it's made randomly and not by their tool) as a level with non static geometry? Because what I'm doing I'm okay with static levels *once they are generated* - I want the ability to generate a level, then drop a person into it and let them walk around. The level is static once the player is in it, and would act like any other map or level file would. It's just that first step of making the level which isn't really static. [/quote] It should certainly be possible, technically, if you can figure it out... Although the EULA forbids you from reverse engineering "the UDK" -- I'm not sure if the proprietary map format is included... One thing you can do is import terrain from heightmap images created with external tools, as well as models for static geometry; I don't know if that would fit your requirements. You may find, like me, that the static geometry you import tends to have very glitchy collision detection. I don't know if that was improved since I last used it, but the models you import should be small props with simple bounding volumes, not floors, walls or rooms.
  6. kiwibonga

    Searching for the right engine... maybe

    I can't tell you how much rage UDK has caused me. If you're not making a UT3 mod with completely static level geometry, don't even bother for one second.
  7. That's odd... I'm using a French Canadian keyboard too, and those characters are located to the right of P for me -- Alt Car + circumflex (^) = [ and Alt Car + cedilla (¸) = ] (Alt Car is Right Alt)
  8. kiwibonga

    DevLog #3 - Weekend in sign of troubles

    I think the reason your vector pointer didn't work properly is because &sectors actually gives you the address to the first element in sectors rather than a pointer to the vector itself. You should use a reference instead, or perhaps that "std::vector<T>::pointer" that I've never seen used before
  9. kiwibonga

    GameDev.net Community Challenge!

    That's cool, I hope the game gets noticed! Do keep us updated!
  10. kiwibonga

    Learning french

    Immersion is the most important thing, IMO... When I left France to go live in the US with my parents (quite a few moons ago), they signed me up for a month of tennis camp. I was the only kid who didn't speak English there (well, besides 2.5 years of basic school English), and it was pretty tough at first -- I didn't even understand what "pick up the ball" meant; just figured it was important since they kept telling me to do it By the end of summer, I was almost fluent. I could feel muscular pain in my lower jaw just from the fact that English has different stress patterns in its pronunciation! It's amazing how fast you learn when you can't use your native language. Make friends with (patient) French speakers, listen to them speak, and try to never use English unless absolutely necessary... Just get past the embarrassment/helplessness, use gestures and finger pointing if you can't find a word, and make sure the people around you aren't afraid to correct you. Also, watch TV in French without subtitles as soon as you're comfortable doing so. It's a great way to absorb the culture as well as the language (the Simpsons taught me nearly everything I know!). Don't be afraid to repeat sentences out loud to work on those specific language sounds that you don't find in English. Newspapers and magazines are also great (reading will help a lot with grammar). If you really have no basics, I would recommend taking a class initially (French as a second language); on a budget, you can pay French students with English lessons in exchange for French lessons -- I know quite a few universities around here (I'm in Montreal) have weekly "language workshop lunches" where people basically take turns speaking (or trying to speak) each language. I don't know how effective it is because I've never participated, but from what I heard, it's a nice way to make friends from the other side of the language barrier. I had friends who went often, but I think their main goal was to pick up freshly landed Asian girls... And honestly, if people around here give you the stink eye because you're an English speaker, don't even bother with them; they're just flaming racists. Stick with younger people who don't have this lingering belief that you've come to invade what little is left of their culture...
  11. kiwibonga

    GameDev.net Community Challenge!

    It does sound like an interesting option for fast deployment, but I don't have the budget for it now... I'm most likely going to publish for desktops/netbooks first, and then take it from there. My C++ framework is cross-platform in theory, so the only non-trivial port would be to iOS...
  12. kiwibonga

    GameDev.net Community Challenge!

    Those sound good I'm honestly thinking of going commercial... I hope the people who said "I would totally buy this if it was a full game" were serious! It seems like it would be a good project to learn about mobile programming, if I can somehow acquire a mobile device and license. I would have to rework it a lot though, and that could take some time; the bitmap level format was convenient to get levels out quickly, but definitely not flexible enough for a "serious" application (bouncing, for instance, requires different pixel colors depending on whether the bars are horizontal or vertical, and the bugs are hard to fix when platforms aren't 100% level -- the file sizes are not worth the trouble). Wanna assemble an "indie bundle?"
  13. kiwibonga

    GameDev.net Community Challenge!

    I'm ashamed to say I spent most of yesterday night trying to break 2000 points Love the game, but my reflexes are non-existent One thing I really like is how each game is different -- almost genetic! It all depends on the sequence of powerups you get. And of course, it was a very polished entry; congrats again! Some ideas for new power ups: - Bubble size reduced (perhaps the bubble could also start off bigger than it is currently) - Life meter (Start with 1 HP max, with an increasing allowance as you move forward) - Companions (bubbles that rotate around you like the shells in mario kart and can protect you, popping if they hit an enemy) - Bad luck (spawns tough enemies around you) - Enemy recoil (your shots knock enemies back) Suggestions: - Servant of the Lord already mentioned this, I believe; it would be nice if Esc paused the game instead of closing it - On-screen display of current powerups (could be little icons in the corner) - Don't know if this should be another game type entirely, but how about announcing the waves (wave 1, wave 2, etc)... And perhaps allowing the player to restart from a wave that was previously cleared (starting at score 0). The game could be like 100 waves deep, and the ability to restart would allow us to train for certain enemy types! (You'll notice most of those suggestions are to make the game easier... lol )
  14. kiwibonga

    My Gamedev.net Community Challenge Entry: TunnelJumper

    Thanks, I liked yours too -- pretty addictive! I'm hard at work on a new version... Lots and lots of bug fixes to implement
  15. kiwibonga

    GameDev.net Community Challenge!

    Thanks, everyone! I'm glad people liked the game Congratulations to all; the entries were very interesting, and I'd love to see a follow up on each one! New TunnelJumper coming soon!!
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