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  1. @PatrickB Obviously, you haven't seen what Flash does to my Macbook Pro. So I guess this is where Steve was coming from... if it does it to MBP, imagine what happens to iPad (iPhone).   As to the original poster, HTML5 is OK for simple interfaces but once you get to "real" game development, it could be cumbersome. Keep in mind that a ton of people are stuck at IE9 which has problematic support for HTML5 and (as we found out) WebSockets.    I wouldn't say we're pushing the envelop, but Riftforge is a pretty good example of a game that is well-suited to HTML5. It's turn-based and it doesn't have unit animations (only effect animations):  https://riftforge.com
  2. kraz007

    The PAIN of ongoing operations in a social game

    Some would argue that core competencies should never be outsourced. From this perspective, the actual running of the game (sys admin, updates, SVN, etc) is pretty much THE core competency you need, considering you can often license a social/browser game for your specific geography.   Others might have a different take. Make no mistake, no one LIKES the sys admin tasks, there's always some spill over into development, marketing, operations. And it's almost never good news either.
  3. kraz007

    Crafting a 2D RPG

    Nice! It's the basics but covered in a way that makes sense to a beginner.
  4. kraz007

    Zombie Apocalypse Character Pack

    Looks an excellent start to anyone who's in the survival/horror genre. Personally, I'm done with zombies!
  5. Yep, I got the article on my Flipboard, had a lot of fun with the complaints! You can't get enough irony in this business!
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