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  1. I tried this. I created a model in maya and mirrored it and moved the mirrored uv islands to the next UV space and baked in substance painter and then exported to unreal engine and it all worked fine. However, you said I need to revert the offset. Why do I need to offset it back to same uv space? It seems to work fine when I have the islands in 0-1 and 1-2 space.
  2. I haven't had the chance to checkout mirroring to save UV space. I know that placing 2 UV islands on top of each other will use the same texture but wont this cause all sort of errors in baking? Unreal will throw a lot of lighting errors I assume.
  3. Any other suggestions?
  4. Thanks! I forgot to mention. I have 4 levels for LOD setup for all these trucks. I’m making use of LODs to switch models based on distance but still want to know if displaying a 140k truck with 2k+2k textures (2 or 3 of them at close distance) would impact performance in the long run.. Also, the 140k count is after I normal baked all the details like screws and grill.. How rockstar got away with using 512k texture maps for cars is beyond my understanding..
  5. I'm making a level for my game. Its not an open world game and for this level I'm simulating trucks going around the level. At any point in time there will be 25 to 30 trucks in the scene. Its not an open world game but the level is Sandbox. Imagine Hitman (the latest one). You do your thing and things go on in the world completely independent of the player. I'm doing the art and programming for this game. I would say my 3D Modeling skills are intermediate. I made these trucks but the polygon counts for each of these trucks are close to 140k. I got curious and bought GTA V (It was the closest game I could think of and had trucks and open world gameplay). I installed OpenIV and checked out the in game models. They look really good in the game but they are all close to 80k on an average and from my understanding 512x512 textures. My truck looks like crap even with 2k textures. So I've split the truck model in a 2 files and using 2k for each file (Front - 2k and back-2k). This is starting to look very expensive. I'm using unreal engine and I'm sure it can handle but I want to do this right from the ground up to avoid having to downscale everything at the end. GTA V is from 2013. Is it ok to have 140k per model with textures that are (2k+2k) in 2019? Any thoughts on this?
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