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  1. You may find the following article useful: Chicken and Egg Problems It describes similar type of business and how they solved the "no customers means no businesses care" and "no-businesses mean no customers care" problem.
  2. Quote:Original post by Tsumuji hum, very good, but and in glX? I unfortunately don't have any experience with glX, but after a little searching, it appears that the list sharing functionality happens in glXCreateContext function where the third parameter specifies, I suppose, the context of your other window. I am, however, guessing. Good luck. Reference for glXCreateContext
  3. Assuming that you're using Windows, you'll need to use wglShareLists on the two opengl resource contexts involved to be able to share things like textures between them.
  4. Quote:Original post by Rouge_Raven I'm just saying, I could care less for this project, its just another assigned thing to us. I'm saying I would have made this thread anyways, with or without this project. I'm just curious! How hard is all this to comprehend? I thought GameDev was filled with intelligent adults, not a bunch of hormone-raging teenagers. Intelligent adults don't like doing the homework of hormone-raging teenagers?
  5. Quote:Original post by Jason2Jason Quote:Original post by MonkeyInBlack I thought that method was secret ? How would one know wether one breaks their patent ? Something isn't right here (probably my line of thought [smile]) I guess you don't untill you're accused of doing so? Its a mystery to me how the patent system works in terms of that, but hey people sue people every day over patent violations so some how it all just works out maybe.. -J Pretty sure patents are public.
  6. Actually, there is usually a psychological explaination: There was a similar but rather famous incident in the US (Kitty Genovese -- Link for psychological study or explaination.) People are less likely to take personal responsibility if they believe that others know about what is going on.
  7. Just reset the router and reconfigure it. Resetting should give you a default password, and more importantly unblock the ports. There is usually a button on the router that you need a pointy object to press to do the reset. Does he have DSL? If so you need to find the username and password from the information they give you when configuring the router. EDIT: I'm slow at typing...
  8. Quote:Original post by Boris Karloff Quote:Original post by frostburn The vorec system must be used in conjunction with a natural language parser so you don't have to say "Computer: Turn on TV. next channel, next channel ..." This is one of the reasons I think voice recognition isn't always such a great solution. I'd rather press a button 12 times than say "next channel" twelve times. Faster, less tiring. The same with volume control: I don't want to say "Volume up: little more... little more.. less... bit more.." I just want to turn a knob and be done with it. That makes sense. But you could also program the house to monitor the sound levels of various things like tv, movies, music that the various inhabitants seem to like and automatically use the right setting based on the people who are in the house. Someone sleeping since its 12:00? Well, maybe the tv shouldn't be so loud. 16 year old home alone at the moment? Probably likes the music a little louder than Mom would like, but the computer could turn it down as soon as she gets home from work.
  9. Quote:Original post by the_dannobot Quote:Original post by Conner McCloud A Californian, a Texan, and a Coloradan are sitting in a bar. A variation on a theme: A Texas cowboy, a Canadian cowboy, and a Michigan cowboy are riding down the range. The Texas cowboy pulls out a bottle of whiskey, takes one sip, throws the bottle in the air and shoots it. The Canadian and Michigan cowboys look at him like he's crazy. He says "In Texas, we have so much whiskey that wasting it doesn't mean a thing." The Canadian cowboy nods in acknowledgment, pulls out a bottle of beer, takes one sip, throws the bottle in the air and shoots it. The Michigan cowboy looks at him like he's crazy. He says "In Canada, we have so much beer that wasting it doesn't mean a thing." The Michigan cowboy nods in acknowledgment, pulls out a bottle of beer, drinks the whole thing, puts the bottle back in his saddlebag, and shoots the Canadian. The Texas cowboy looks at him like he's crazy. He says "In Michigan, we have plenty of Canadians and bottles are worth 10 cents." Woah, there are cowboys in Canada?
  10. Quote:Original post by Yann L Anyway, I won't get into this gun discussion. Just one thing: Americans should realize that their constitution has absolutely nothing to do with the pro-gun stance of their nation. The only reason they can carry guns, is because of a very profitable weapon industry lobby, and their excellent political ties. Shhhh, you're ruining the illusion of freedom. [lol]
  11. What parts do you own? Mainly, what processor do you have, and type of ram do you have? Also, I'm assuming an upgrade of some sort, so what motherboard do you have?
  12. Let's do something fun like seeing who can stay alive in -20 degree celcius temperatures the longest. Winner gets to live! (You may drink alcohol before the contest to give yourself the illusion of not freezing to death.)
  13. I'm not sure about Dell computers, but you may not be able to replace the case or the motherboard. They might both be custom built. In general, pretty much any case for a desktop supports an ATX motherboard, and just about all motherboards are ATX. (Except when the motherboard is some random custom thingy.) Perhaps you could find a link to the actual Dell computer you have? Linking us to Newegg is only marginally useful. [lol]
  14. Quote:Original post by The Frugal Gourmet It's always a bad idea to swap your case and motherboard. I think you'll find they are each suited to very different tasks and neither fits the other's role well. Clever.
  15. I would recomend against putting javascript inside html files. Instead, put it in a .js file and include that. To get your initialize event, do window.onload = initialize; function initialize() { //Stuff } I recomend Quirksmode for all javascript and CSS stuff.