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  1. Unity Game Engine?

    Hi, Sorry, this is a terrifically nooby question. I want to make a top down 2d game. It's going to be basic and probably terrible. Today I saw Unity. What programming language to write games in when you use Unity? JavaScript or C#? Is there also a resource of free to use sprites? I am doing this for fun and some cute free-to-use graphics would be very handy.
  2. Developing a Flash Game?

    Hey, I am looking into the possibility of developing a game with flash and was hoping that someone could answer some questions. How many simultaneous connections can you have on a flash game? I was thinking something like guild wars where there are public zones, then users run off into their own instances. Is this possible with flash. I have seen some multiplayer racing games but where does the limit end? I would just like to create an MMO which runs from the browser really.
  3. How do I compile and run the following code? // a small C++ program #include <iostream> int main() { std::cout << "Hello, world!" << std::endl; return 0; } I have the visual C++ 2008 Express Edition IDE. What kind of app should I be making and how do I get this going?
  4. System Stack

    This came up in a book I had. I used wikipedia but couldn't find out anything about it. Does it go by a more common name? If not can someone tell me what it is please. The book has this in a note. Quote:Value types are created on the system stack. You don’t necessarily need to know what that is, but if you’re interested, I strongly urge you to research it on your own. This topic goes beyond the scope of this book, so I don’t have enough room to explain it here, but it greatly helps you understand exactly how computers work, which will in turn make your programs faster and more efficient.
  5. I want to make an mmo with C#

    Thanks for the that Pat, the break down will really come in handy. I plan to get my hands on a c# game development book. My experience is with php, while C# isn't that far apart from php I don't have a clue about user interaction or game engines. Hopefully this book will shed some light on these topics.
  6. I want to make an mmo with C#

    Thanks for the help guys. Couple of new questions then. 1) Can anyone recommend a good 'pong development with C#' tutorial? The reason I ask instead of googling is that I would like to learn the right way as opposed to getting into bad habits early. 2) Above someone has mentioned that C# is easy to de-compile. How big of an issue is this? Ultimately I will want to protect my source code. Is there software about that can protect C# compiled programs from this?
  7. I want to make an mmo with C#

    As the title indicates I would like to develop an mmo in C#. I intend to create a version 1 which looks somewhat like this. http://images.endless-online.com/Screens/screen29.jpg As you can see it is a 2d lightweight application. The main difference between this and what I want to create is that I want freedom of movement instead of a tile based movement system. The reason for this is later on in the development I would like to create a 3d client to run along side the 2d client. So... where do I start? I have a lot of php knowledge and am currently learning C#. I have been told about XNA. Is this a viable option for such a project? If not could someone point in the direction of some good tutorials/books/resources that I could use to get this thing off the ground. Thanks Dave
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