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  1. Add more depth into the quests. For example, let players have other options rather than "Yes" or "No". For example, maybe a option to say "Hmm...I am interested" and then the quest giver will give you more details of the quest. And then maybe another option of "Who are you", this one is very popular, and this will introduce the quest-giver. This option gives the quest giver more depth and adds more of a story line in the game.
  2. MMO: 2D or 3D

    3D is the future. It adds MUCH more depth into the game, and kids go "WOOOOOOH" when they see it, meaning it'll attract a bigger audience.
  3. Motivation

    Seems like a fun game...
  4. N&N Tech is currently looking for minds to help us develop the next big product, we are 100% independent and our team have past experience with all game genres. We just released our website and hope people like yourself could join us on our forums and help us with concept ideas. Check us out at WWW.NNTECHONLINE.COM Note: We recommend strong feedback and suggestions, so please post them on our forums. Thank you! WWW.NNTECHONLINE.COM
  5. Best Beginner C++ Game Programming Book?

    Thanks, but how is this book ? the other book seems that it isn't for people that are COMPLETELY new to programming...or is it?
  6. Hey sorry I can't type more but really I'm desperate. I need a good beginner book for C++ learning, mainly in the game division since I want to become a game developer. I have no experience what so ever and I need a book with explains it STEP BY STEP BY STEP BY STEP with some pixs if can, also I need UP-To-Date. Thanks a lot!
  7. Well I'm 15 and I think it's about time to think what I'll be doing after High School and I have a passion in 3D Models. I love games and I want to be the one that makes all the models for games. I mainly want to do 3D Models. I have ZBrush2 and Maya Student Edition. I really have no idea where to start. How do I create 3D Models? Where do I get resources of learning materials? I just want someone to talk to and ask these questions, kinda like a big brother but to go for assistance in this 3D Field. I have 2 macs, macbook pro 2.6GHz and dual screened with a 26" Samsung display and my other computer is a iMac G5 so I have the computers to do all my work on and also got bootcamp running Windows XP. So if you can please assist me with this =(