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  1. 32 bit or 64 bit

    Does a 32 bit OS process code with 64 bit numbers (long, ulong) properly? I was under the impression that if you use 64bit operators, you need to run it on a 64bit OS.
  2. I've just started learning XNA, and find this to be a good opportunity to get some additional instruction on the framework. Count me in.
  3. New to programming Dev question

    OK, thanks! I think the other part of my confusion is using which templates for what parts of the program.
  4. I've recently gone through some online training courses and feel pretty comfortable with the C# language. I'm looking to start programming, but one thing I never really got from the lessons is how a program should be structured. Especially one for a game that will have several classes possibly a database, and windows to display everything in. What I'm wondering is, does everything get coded into one .cs file, or is it all a bunch of little files. The reason I ask is I'm using visual studio 2008 and if I want to make a windowed app, it builds a shell in its own separate .cs file. Then if I make a few classes, each of those go into their own .dll files. Plus I need the main program in its own .cs file (I'm assuming as an empty project). I might just be getting confused because the IDE is making these all up as I build from a new template. Should I just smoosh everything into the main project file, even if I want to use a window instead of the console?
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