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  1. loom_weaver

    Slow mouse position

    Here's my 2 cents... Without the code I'm mostly guessing but it's likely you have a resource contention where your active main-loop thread is different from the EDT which would be handling all AWT events. If you're planning on running a full-screen game with active rendering it might be worth while looking into a framework such as lwjgl or Slick2D (slightly higher level) that will give you full control over the drawing as well as the input events.
  2. loom_weaver

    MUD Help

    You could also download the source to a MUD. I know the DIKU source is readily available.
  3. loom_weaver

    Game Economics

    I'm done with this discussion. Bye.
  4. loom_weaver

    Game Economics

    Some more information about your game would be useful e.g.: 1. Is it single player or multi-player? 2. What is an actual resource. What sources are there and what sinks? 3. Is the value of the currency fixed? Are you modeling it based on something? How does it enter and exit the world? Anyways, more specific questions would help get the discussion rolling.
  5. loom_weaver

    Need Some Advice: MORPG

    If you're comfortable programming 2D games already it shouldn't be too much of a leap to create a server. Lookup socket programming and start by creating a 'echo' server or something similar. As for hardware, you don't need anything special at first. Written correctly, a laptop is a good enough server for up to several dozen connections if not even more. The tricky part is when you want to officially host your server. You'll need an ISP that allows you to run your server process and have it listen on your specified port(s).
  6. Personally I think you're fine as long as the classes are rigorous and you're learning something. Some calculus and physics is definitely a requirement for the foundations of a computer science degree. I'd be suspect if those courses were missing. In my first year of computer science I only took a couple of programming courses. The rest was mostly math.
  7. Very little math required. I'm skeptical. [edit] To see a comparison look at http://web.uvic.ca/c...DoCoS/PrRe.html Look at the section: BSc Major: Course Requirements Each course listed is one term (4 months) and has about 4.5h of lecture each week. Normally one takes 5 courses a term for 8 terms i.e. 40 courses in a 4-year degree. In that program there are 8 courses (MATH 100, 101, 122, CSC 225, MATH 201, 211, CSC 340, and STAT) that I would classify as pure math that are mandatory and with electives you can choose to take even more. In the program that you listed I see only one module (which I assume is the equivalent of a course) consisting of either: CSC1013 or MAS1404. In my opinion, the math required for a good foundation in computer science cannot be taught in a single course.
  8. loom_weaver

    CS program has had a lot of math cut out

    I would definitely add/recommend: 1. Course on numerical analysis - you need to learn how to number crunch and the limitations of using a computer in doing so (round-off error, floating point representation, etc.) 2. Algorithms - including O(n) notation and how to create and evaluate the runtime performance of such 3. Logic - probably in the Philosophy Department - includes truth tables, logical proofs, and the likes. Does "Computer Theory" cover P=NP, pigeonhole principle, etc.? Just make sure it isn't a fluff course. This material should be pretty hard-core but absolutely essential for a well-rounded computer science degree. Even for games, these courses will provide a lot of value imo.
  9. loom_weaver

    Am I on the "Fast-track" for development?

    *cue sarcastic voice* So you think you're hot stuff? Why don't you post one of your games and the source code and the grizzled vets will be more than happy to give you their honest opinion. *end sarcastic voice*
  10. loom_weaver

    Newbie - Need any advice

    Just pick one and get started. Show us your first program. All this angst over the order of languages when you haven't even started with the first one yet is just a waste of precious time.
  11. loom_weaver

    should healers deal same damage as dps ?

    Now imagine pages and pages of this... Welcome to the forums of most PvP games. Oh and to answer the original question: no. Post your whining somewhere else.
  12. loom_weaver

    MMO Postmortem Project - Player Impressions

    Dark Age of Camelot - the reason I stopped playing was because I had been playing quite extensively for 5 years and I got tired of it. I found I was spending more time on the forums getting worked up over upcoming changes. Forums are actually a catch-22 when playing an MMO. On one hand you get lots of useful information, on the other hand they are overwhelmed by the disgruntled complainers and it gets you down after a while.
  13. loom_weaver

    [java] (Jogl and Joal) vs lwjgl

    Hy , I have a quastion about LWJGL. if i dont want to use any engine, i just want to extend a standar swing component in order to use ... let's say opengl in a JPanel how can i do this.(OpenGL Using LWJGL). [/quote] Yes you can do this but mixing AWT and Swing components into the same Frame is going to cause more trouble than it's worth especially when you throw lwjgl into the picture. After struggling the last several weeks with embedding a lwjgl canvas into my Java app these are the things I've run into: adding mouse listeners to the lwjgl Canvas seems to work on two operating systems but not on the third (Linux, Windows, and OS X)polling for your mouse events (lwjgl style) is fine for a game but a pain to work with if you're used to the event model. Also the lack of a mouse exit event means you'll have no good workaround for functionality that is based purely on mouse positioningthere are performance problems when mixing awt and Swing components. For example, appending text to a JTextArea in a JScrollPane when there is an awt component (the lwjgl Canvas) also in the Frame takes an exorbitant amount of time (50-200 ms) and this mucks up your framerateyou have all the usual hassles of awt+Swing e.g. heavyweight components i.e. the lwjgl Canvas overwriting lightweight components such as JMenus. Note that I haven't used JOGL so no comment there. That being said lwjgl is a good library and provides a clean and simple binding to OpenGL for Java devs. It works as advertised on the 3 main operating systems that I've tested. The benefits from Open GL outweigh the troubles I have with it and so I'll continue to going forward with lwjgl. Just don't expect to drop it in like a JPanel (it isn't one) and have everything work great.
  14. loom_weaver

    Generally in a phone interview....

    This x2. Just make sure you're awake and alert for the interview. I would suggest shaving and dressing in decent clothes even for a phone interview as it helps prepare you to be in the right frame of mind. Make sure you have everything regarding your application handy. There will be questions about your resume and cover letter. Try to answer or call in on a land-line. Dropped calls or static won't help your case. Have a pencil and notepad nearby and try to get the names and correct spelling of people before hand. If you're unsure then ask! You don't want to be flubbing up people's names. Finally, keep the computer far away. It's pretty obvious that someone is trying to google stuff during phone interview. Good luck.
  15. loom_weaver

    Requesting a resume critique

    I would put the education section immediately after the work experience. The important information (you have a bachelor's) must get across. The "PhotoBooks/Connect HealthCare" heading is the same typeface size and style as the "Project" headings. This makes it harder to see the hierarchy. [font="Arial"]Software engineer with a cross-discipline background in game design, professional experience building software and independent experience developing games[/quote][/font] [font="Arial"]Hard to read because it's A, B, A, B.[/font] [font="Arial"]Second point under Web Specialist is a completely different tense and perspective. All bullet points should be <verb> blah blah ... gave good result ...[/font] [font="Arial"]First bullet point in Universal Video Player - should flash be Flash?[/font] [font="Arial"]Second bullet point in Universal Video Player is a completely different tense and perspective.[/font] [font="Arial"]Only link your personal projects if they are truly worthy of being showcased. Otherwise leave out the link and keep the items as potential talking points.[/font] [font="Arial"][/font][font="Arial"]Examples can be found on the app store[/quote][/font] [font="Arial"]App Store is a proper noun?[/font] [font="Arial"]Overall a decent resume and you have enough experience listed to give you a good shot at landing an interview for an entry-level position+.[/font]
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