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  1. Hi:   These last weeks I was working on a viewer of the Mandelbrot and Julia Sets using Webgl. You can see some screenshots and try the application on your web browser following this link:   Some screenshots:         I hope you enjoy it ;)
  2. [quote name='Olof Hedman' timestamp='1349264117' post='4986346'] You might want to look into MIT or Apache, they are pretty liberal [/quote] Thanks, I am looking in this website: [url=""]http://opensource.or...censes/category[/url] I was looking the MIT license but this isn't that I am looking for. I don't want the people can sell my software... For the moment I haven't read the Apache license, this will be the next one.
  3. Thanks for the fast answer! I am living in Spain and I want to distribute my software around the whole world. I will do that, I will talk with a lawyer friend of mine. Thanks again.
  4. Hi! Finally I have finished an application that I was working on. It is an application to create procedural textures. I want to distribute this software with a public license, It can be downloaded free, but I don't want to distribute the source code. I was thinking about using a Creative Commons license but, around the web, people advise to use another one for distribute software. I was also thinking about using a GNU General Public License, but I dont know whether I have to distribute the source code or not. If anyone has experience on that topic and could help me, I will be very thankful. Thanks in advance.
  5. QT and vs2005

    In Qt 3 the installation program need a enviroment variable with the name INCLUDE. You need to install the PSDK and add the path in this variable. Good luck.
  6. Hi: I am beginning to design the graphic engine of a game i want to do in my spare time. The game engine i'm planing to do will have these features : - Deferred render - HDRI - Normal and Parallax mapping - Shadow map There are several features that I like to implement, but first I'll start with these. The game camera will be like the camera of age of empires,and the scene graph will be designed for this camera type. I have doubts about the grouping of static geometry, in this context should use batch or instancing? The advantage of batch is that the geometry don't need calculate the world matrix and don't need to be transformed by it. The disadvantages are that it is necessary to store the mesh a bunch of times in the same buffer and update the buffer each time an entity enters or leaves the frustum. In the other hand, instancing only need to store the mesh only one time. The problem is that i need to calculate the world matrix for every entity and store it in a buffer. (This problem could be solved by calculating these matrices in advance.) Which of the two works faster? You should use both? Batch for small meshes (grass) and instancing for large meshes (trees)? I have no experience in manage very large scenes and your experience would greatly help me. Thanks for advance. PD: Sorry for my english.
  7. Hi: I try to optimizing the geometry of the feedback buffer output (in OpenGL) for make a vectorial render (PDF,PS, AI, etc.). I try with my algorithm but is very slow. Anyone know an algorithm for this purpose? Thx PD: Sry for my english.
  8. Thx for reply! Is just what I was looking for.
  9. Hi all! A few days ago I made a demo of dot3bump. When i made the pixel shader, i used the normalize function instead of normalization cubemap. In some forums i had read that in new graphics cards there aren't differences in performance. Is this true? Another question : When i build the vertexs buffers and i found one vertex with two different uv coordinates, there are another solution more efficient than duplicate the vertex? Thxs for replys. PD: Sry for my english. PD: U can view some images of the demo here (Spanish) :