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  1. Inlining isn't to blame at all. Your result depended on returning an address to something that no longer existed.
  2. I compiled your code with /O2 and the function is being inlined, if I turn off function inlining a number of variables are optimized away. I don't see why you have a problem with it, to me it's working as it should.
  3. That doesn't answer why is it a problem if the condition is optimized away?
  4. Is that a problem? The function many have been inlined.
  5. Hold, wait what?  Neutering/spaying isn't cruel.   It is both cruel and evil A dog is meant to behave like a dog, its an animal, and some breeds are genetically wild and aggressive. If you cannot contain their nature don't breed them, don't own them.  You are castrating a dog for being a dog Its like castrating a person for behaving like a person.   Some people even neuter animals for population control. Do we castrate humans despite that our population is beginning to threaten the earth? Stick condoms on the animals dicks if you don't want them to breed!!!  How would you feel if you imaging you are castrated? If its not good why do you pretend its alright to neuter a dog? Because dogs can't speak and protest?   Its cruel, evil and should be banned worldwide   It's neither cruel or evil, it's being responsible for your pet. You say "if you cannot contain their nature don't breed them, don't own them", well we can by neutering.
  6. KidsLoveSatan

    Your Death Song

    Clint Mansell - The Last Man
  7. Natural selection is one of the mechanisms of evolution.
  8. KidsLoveSatan

    My Favorite Game Development Tools

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