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  1. I'm trying to think of a good way of calculating/showing an NPCs opinion of someone else (whether that be another npc or the player).   Games like Crusader Kings use a plus/minus of reasons but it can feel shallow   +50 - Has a nice face -50 - Tried to kill me   Doesn't quite represent truly the complex relationships and opinions humans can have.   I thought of having several of these in one. For example one measurement of how much they like you personally, a measurement of how much they like what you do, a measurement of how much they agree with actions you've taken.   E.g   Personality opinion: +5 Friendly, - 10 Short temper Actions opinion: -10 Insulted me   But I'm looking for a nicer solution that just more numbers.   Any ideas or suggestions?
  2. In the Sims your characters has relationships with other characters.   This relationship is measure from -100 to +100 based on the actions you do.   I'd love to discuss a more complex design where relationships aren't simply a number but something much more meaningful but I'm at a loss for ideas on how a system like this would work.
  3. Just to add, I think this book is amazing, one of the best I've read
  4. Your idea sounds similar to the multiplayer in The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass, look it up and you might get some inspiration
  5. I don't think I've ever heard of a freelance game designer, most people need to be internal to fully understand the idea and be able to flesh out the idea.
  6. Unity 2D

    This isn't a design topic but I'll answer you anyway. From a programming perspective here is little difference. Calling functions is just as normal but with appending the function name with '2D'. In editor you'll find a new GameObject called Sprite which has a SpriteRenderer, identical to an object with a MeshRenderer really. My advice: just play around with it.
  7. Ideas for Game! 3D Top-Down Shooter!

    Is your game called Vague?
  8. My Game Goobert, a Good idea?

    It's an interesting concept, I feel like the morbidness of a Voodoo doll is a little at odds with the silly cute storyline, paticually in your art.
  9. From Paper to Screen

    This isn't a game design question, this is essentially "How do you program?" Choose a language or an engine, follow some tutorials.
  10. This question is strange, you're basically comparing completely different things.   It would be like me saying "I've got an idea for a game set in space. Should I make it an FPS or a top-down strategy?" - it makes no sense, the fundamental underlining gameplay is missing from your idea thus you don't really have a game idea at all.
  11. JRPG: Average Number of Pieces of Dialog?

    As others have said, limiting it seems odd and unnecessary.   Also on that point your system is flawed; by storing the names and dialogue together you're limiting what can be done. What if I have this: 1) Jon; Hello there! 2) Bob; Why hello to you too! What if I want Bob to say "Hello there!" instead? In a normal system, I would just get Bob and the dialogue, but in your system I would have to store every piece of dialogue twice so that both people can say each thing.
  12. Are you talking about Pang or Pong? If Pang, ball collisions are probably a good idea.   If Pong, I would say yes as multi-ball scenarios are usually meant to be chaotic.
  13. Single player boss battles?

    How about....every game ever.   You seem to be confused thinking that boss battles are an MMO thing.
  14. What should I name the Gods?

    Why not use http://translate.google.com/; type in one of those words and then base the name on the result.   Murder is asesinato in spanish, so maybe her name could be Aseso or something.
  15. Island Prison

    The story sounds very interesting.   The game sounds very boring.