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  1. Whats a good game to start with

    Snake always seems to pop up in these kind of discussions. I even found one in the Roku SDK recently. Tic-tac-toe is an easier first game, though. Just pick something you know you can finish.
  2. [quote name='Koobazaur' timestamp='1338742430' post='4945843'] Personally, I think 70 bucks for a damn keyboard is overkill. I hate gimmicks like "LED displays" or 'backlights" [/quote] Never understood those gimmicks, like LCD keys. Keyboard tech specs should not have to say things like "viewing angle of 160 degrees".
  3. Getting mouse and keyoard input

    You can't beat your current method for simplicity. If it works then stick with it. If you ever decide it's no longer enough, Raw Input is pretty simple to get up and running; easier than DirectInput.
  4. [quote name='mhagain' timestamp='1338504008' post='4945114'] the OP did tag the question as [D3D9]. [/quote] Hmm...sorry. Never saw any tag because they don't show on the "Interesting Topics" list on the home page where I saw the thread.
  5. You need to call Map() on the texture to get access to the texture data. Don't forget to call Unmap() afterwards. You will have had to create the texture with the proper flags to be able to write to the texture. [url="http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/desktop/bb173869%28v=vs.85%29.aspx"]ID3D10Texture2D[/url]
  6. Mine was a pizza delivery game called PizzaRush. I did finish it after about eight months of work, even sold a few copies. I was learning C, Mac programming, and a sprite toolkit all while making the game, so I can't believe it was ever finished. One thing I [i]should have [/i]learned was keep it simple. I was more or less forced into that because of my limited knowledge at the time, and as a result the game got completed. It seems too often I get grand ideas that are just too much and I end up not completing anything. I've actually thought about revisiting the the game again. It was written seventeen years ago and was Mac-only, meaning it won't run today unless you're using a really old computer. Nowadays it would get the level editor and other goodies that were rumored to be coming in the third version (I just remembered...I actually completed a 2.0 version of it!)
  7. [quote name='Servant of the Lord' timestamp='1338435989' post='4944872'] QtCreator is great [/quote] Agreed. I had never used it until last year and thought I'd miss a lot from VS, but I was very impressed. I actually get a working symbols menu in QtCreator, too, something that has always been flaky in VS for me. Though to be fair, the C++ I write in VS is more complicated than what I'm usually doing with QT.
  8. Cannot open source file 'time.h', 'stdio.h'

    [quote name='StoneMask' timestamp='1338259084' post='4944220'] Well, I haven't put together all the sources files together in a way that fits yet. It's that when I mouse over the preprocessor directives, there's a red line underneath and it says what it says in the title: Cannot open source file 'time.h', Cannot open source file 'stdio.h' etc. Those are pretty standard things, right? Like, I wouldn't be able to miss those if I tried? [/quote] If by this you mean you haven't actually compiled anything yet, well...do so. I've had red squiggly lines many times that were totally bogus; there was nothing wrong.
  9. I'm not so sure that texture coords are included in the vertices. I just took a look at the D3D10 DXUT code and the vertices only have positions and normals.
  10. Visual Studio 11 Express

    [quote name='Krohm' timestamp='1337668733' post='4942113'] Oh no. Nononono. That's nonsense. I guess I'll backup some 2010 installs for extra safety, and don't switch. [/quote] The page mentions that VS 2010 Express will remain available for free download. This is still crappy news, though.
  11. Error In Lesson 1

    You need to link to the OpenGL libraries. Check the other tutorials you did that worked and do the same for this one.
  12. I assumed I had it set to 50 or 100. Went to Google and found that Instant Search was on, limiting to 10 results. Not an important setting for me, I guess.
  13. Name of an old game

    Do you remember what platforms(s) it was for?
  14. visited this site daily

    Never (I think), but I was at the devmaster list of 3D engines all the time.
  15. Keyboard and Mouse Input

    I just switched to Raw Input from DirectInput, and I felt the same way as you at first. After getting it working (didn't take long), the code seems a lot simpler than the DirectInput method.