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  1. Lord Crc

    Need a good Diablo clone

    In case you missed it, and since you said you really liked Titan Quest, you should also wait for Grim Dawn. It's made by the TQ team, which split and formed an "indy shop". So far I think it looks good.
  2. Lord Crc

    Need a good Diablo clone

    Ok, so it doesn't have loot, skill or character system, and there's almost nothing in terms of pickup, but still I'd say you gotta try Magicka if you haven't already, since it really nails the action part of the hack-n-slash games. It's absolutely hilarious, great (dare I say innovative) game mechanics, and has good replayability if you want to use different spell combinations. Besides its cheap so you still have money for Diablo 3 or whatever else you find
  3. Lord Crc

    Staggered grid structure

    Doing a google search for "staggered grid fluid simulation" the first hit was this article, which seems excellent for what you're after: Fluid Simulation For Computer Graphics: A Tutorial in Grid Based and Particle Based Methods edit: seems to be a typo in equation 6, I believe it should be divided by dx not 2dx.
  4. I'd like to point out that if you're using Visual Studio you need to run the executable without the debugger attached as well as turning on release mode, that is CTRL+F5 instead of just F5. Otherwise the results will not be representative. In my application the difference can be an order of magnitude or more. Also what simple benchmarks like this usually fails to capture is how the language features can change the implementation of an algorithm, leading to vastly different performance characteristics compared to a "straight port". For example using list comprehension etc vs an explicit for loop in Python, or template metaprogramming in C++, like in this example. These things will matter when writing a full-blown application in that language.
  5. Lord Crc

    Fluid Dynamics Questions

    Been a while since I looked into this, but you need to take into account the boundary conditions on the internal cells. Since you have an obstacle you know the fluid velocity is zero across the normal of the boundary ie du/dx = 0 for a vertical boundary (or something like that, been a while ). You will need to modify the rows in the matrix and right-hand side nearby such boundaries to take this into account. The solver must then be able to handle this.
  6. Lord Crc

    Fluid Dynamics Questions

    If you already know about this, please ignore me, however it's not entirely clear to me if you're taking proper care of the linear system in the diffusion and projection step. These systems will not be nice and simple once you add internal boundaries. Slide 23 of his talk discusses various solvers one can use:
  7. Lord Crc


    To put it this way: if it's supposed to be equation 4.68 then the sign is wrong
  8. Lord Crc


    Looks like a sign error here, shouldn't that be a pluss? pi->v = (pi->vold-pi->v)*(1.0/2.0);
  9. Lord Crc

    Atmospheric Scattering theory questions

    Wikipedia seems to explain it quite well:
  10. Lord Crc

    48 Hours Later - Moving Forward

    [quote name='SteveDeFacto' timestamp='1294824517'] I personally think the reason some users hate the new site and say it's too busy is because they are not use to it. Once they know where all the buttons and boxes are the site suddenly seems very simple.[/quote] For me it's mainly the main page that seems "busy". Most subpages (like this one) look very nice. And I'll have to second Wan, congratulations on a good migration!
  11. Lord Crc

    48 Hours Later - Moving Forward

    I've tried to determine why I get the "busy" feeling (primarily on the front page). I think for me it's the lack of separation between content. The various boxes have only a thin line around it, so it all kinda melts together. The front page [i]is[/i] busy though, too many boxes all over. If you switched the background to a light grey and used slightly colored/shaded backgrounds for the various boxes and reduced the size of the titlebars I think it would help to at least separate the content.
  12. Lord Crc

    Lightmapper ray casting

    You'll want to find the "t" parameter for the hit, ie how far along the ray the hitpoint is (hitpoint = origin + t*direction). This parameter should be positive to prevent the situation you're in. In addition you should make sure that the hit is not beyond the light source. Easiest way to do this is to normalize the ray direction. In that case, the "t" parameter should be less or equal to the distance to the light (plus a small epsilon). You can see how to calculate your "t" parameter here (it's very similar to the code you got now):
  13. Lord Crc

    No love for Java?

    I don't like Java. It's primarily two issues: - Due to it's syntax and such, there's no joy in writing Java. It's downright tedious and frustrating compared to other languages I know. - Abstractionitis. Java contains a load of abstractions, which somehow has tainted those who do code Java, making them write layers upon layers of needless abstractions. I say needless because in many cases they aren't actually abstracted enough/properly when the time comes to extend the functionality, leading to much refactoring and changes of interfaces anyway. The abstractions makes it even less enjoyable to use, and can make it a lot harder to get an overview of the program. Then again, it's a tool, it gets the job done (mostly).
  14. Lord Crc

    Obama's failure to contain the spill

    Someone on Slashdot posted this link, which doesn't sound so gloomy...
  15. Lord Crc

    How can you turn math in papers to code?

    Quote:Original post by Freeman2430 What types of ath would I have to learn? For the papers you presented, uni level intro courses on calculus, linear algebra (including numerical linear algebra) and numerical differential equations (both ordinary and partial) seems like it would be a good start. Of course you could self study these things, but it may be hard depending on how easy you find math.
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