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  1. I'm writing my own 2d game engine. The engine has a root class called Root. Root has a member called SystemManager. SystemManager has a member called Timer. Root is the only class which is exported from the DLL with this block of code: #ifdef ION_EXPORTS #define ION_API __declspec(dllexport) #else #define ION_API __declspec(dllimport) #endif Timer is actually an interface to platform independant timers, so there is a class called TimerWin32 and TimerMac. This is the source to my test application Ion::Root* root = new Ion::Root(params); Ion::System::SystemManager* m = root->GetSystemManager(); while(root->Run()) { cout << m->GetTimer()->GetRealTime(); Sleep(100); cout << m->GetTimer()->GetRealTime(); } I then get the following linker error: error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol "public: class Ion::System::Timer * __thiscall Ion::System::SystemManager::GetTimer(void)" (?GetTimer@SystemManager@System@Ion@@QAEPAVTimer@23@XZ) referenced in function _main I have no idea on how to fix this problem and any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  2. I've been trying to use this direct3d hooking sample to hook irrlicht to get stats about my games rendering. The sample only works if the exe itself loads d3d. In my case i use irrlicht for rendering so my app loads irrlicht which loads d3d9.dll Is there a way that i can modify this code to allow me to get the d3d9 device when an app loads d3d9 through another dll? I've tried plenty of googling but I could'nt find anything... Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  3. JasonBaldwin

    Calculate point where y = 0 on a ray

    Thank you for the solution +rating
  4. Im using irrlicht and get a ray from a function called getRayFromScreenCoordinates. Here is an example of the ray which is returned start(0,150,0) and end(699.9128, -2850.1389, 359.955) How would i calculate the x and z values of a point where y = 0 on the ray? Thanks
  5. Ive used the Irrlicht function getRayFromScreenCoordinates and i would like to know if there is a way to get the point at which the ray intersects the y axis at 0 Thanks
  6. JasonBaldwin

    Extreme Ed - My first game:)

    Quote:Original post by leif_dragon Haha got it to work. Not bad at all, I liked the smooth clipping and the 2D graphics are done nicely. Would be nice to add sound and a level selector though :P Thanks, i was actually planning sound but i forgot to list it here. I think i should also make the main menu a bit better looking aswell. What do you mean by a level selector though?
  7. JasonBaldwin

    Extreme Ed - My first game:)

    Heres a link to the finished version. Just have to design 6 more levels and the ai
  8. JasonBaldwin

    Extreme Ed - My first game:)

    Quote:Original post by SillyCowYou might want to add a simple deceleration to your jumps to make them more realistic. Thats a good idea thanks Quote:Original post by SillyCow If you want to distribute your game to people without visual studio. Then goto project properties->c++->code genereation->runtime libraries. Change these to not use dll's. Thanks that will make life a lot easier
  9. JasonBaldwin

    Extreme Ed - My first game:)

    Quote:Original post by leif_dragon Sorry man the exe start file doesnt work. Says something about an application error.. not sure why. Im running Windows XP if that means anything. I checked out the game textures, which look pretty good. Too bad it didnt work :( Ah...i read somewhere that distributing exe's made with visual studio can be quite a challenge. Something to do with they way the CRT is linked or something but im not 100% sure. If you really want it to work try downloading the visual studio 2008 redistributable Heres the link its only 1.7mb
  10. JasonBaldwin

    Extreme Ed - My first game:)

    Quote:Original post by RedReaper132 Realy nice game for a start. How long are you working on it? I've just self taught myself c++ so it's taken me about a year with about 3 or 4 total re-writes.
  11. JasonBaldwin

    Extreme Ed - My first game:)

    Its my first game that I've ever made:). Its called Extreme Ed. It's very similar to Dangerous Dave(that old DOS game). It's not entirely done. All thats left is to design the AI, finish all the level design and improve a bit on some of the textures. Heres the link: Extreme Ed Controls: Left, right, up and down arrows for movement. Space is to shoot weapon and enter is to use a jetpack. The aim is to collect the keys and progress to the next level. Please give it a try and let me know what you think could be improved on. Thanks
  12. Hi, Im looking for a way to set the info of my exe like the author, version etc but i cant use the old exestr because its no longer supported. So how would i acheive this in VS2008? Thanks
  13. JasonBaldwin

    Help on Exponents

    thanks i figured out where i was going wrong
  14. JasonBaldwin

    Help on Exponents

    (2*3^n - 3^n+2)/(3^n+1)
  15. JasonBaldwin

    Help on Exponents

    I'm writing my maths exam soon and i was doing a problem involving the simplification of exponents. I follow the steps for simplifying perfectly but i come out with te wrong answer according to my text book. Heres the problem: 2x3 to the power of n minus 3 to the power of (n+2) divided by 3 to the power of (n+1). My answer is -6/3 but my text books is -7/3. Which ones right?
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