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  1. Mr Explody

    What is that feeling?

    The sensation you're feeling... is The Quickening.
  2. Mr Explody

    Lost (TV Series) is Over (Possible Spoilers Inside!)

    I thought the ending was quite well written and as far as I'm concerned sufficiently answered most of the questions I wanted to know. Quote:Original post by programmermattc There wan an interesting article on CNN the other day about some answers to the questions people were having after the finale. http://scitech.blogs.cnn.com/2010/05/25/geek-out-five-unanswered-lost-finale-questions/ Very good quote from this article about the dangers of entering 'Midi-Chlorian' territory. As far as I'm concerned, a lot of the unanswered questions can remain unanswered as the story is not complete. Take the numbers for example. Yeh they were against each candidates name in the cave, but where did they come from? Well Hurley is the most aware of the numbers, he's now looking after the island, and the island does have time-travelling capabilities. So you could easily, if you wanted to, come to the conclusion that Hurley planted the numbers all along, thus starting the cycle. All in all, I'm satisfied and look forward to re-watching the series to nit-pick it.
  3. Mr Explody

    Starcraft 2 launch date July 27

    Quote:Original post by Hodgman Not many people admit to piracy on these boards... Forgive me if I missed a joke, but I think he was referring to stealing the idea, not the product.
  4. Mr Explody

    Ignore, but dont delete.

    Here's an issue you may run into. What if they run some terms of your essay through an anti-pragarism tool that searches the internet and finds this post which results in a near 100% match therefore indicating that you plagarised the content? hmmm... HMMMMMMM??!
  5. Mr Explody

    Strange Windows 7 Glitch

    Are both machines connected to the same power board, and is the power board surge protected? I'm not entirely sure it is possible, but theoretically it may be possible that a power surge could have impacted both machine's clocks.
  6. Mr Explody

    How'd you come up with your profile name?

    I was just trying to come up with something unique for a gamer name. For some reason I remembered an episode of Ren and Stimpy where they came up with a cartoon character called Explodey or something. I just mispelt it and added the 'mister' at the front for a bit of reverse respect.
  7. Mr Explody

    Why should people learn to program?

    People should learn to program if they want to create, understand or modify an application (either personal reasons, prototyping ideas or as a career). Short of that or to satisfy curiosity, I can't think of any other reason why someone SHOULD learn to program.
  8. Mr Explody

    Indie / Amateur MMORPG, where are they?

    Though maybe a little scandelous. You might want to talk to some people who are running emulated/private servers for retail MMO's to get an idea of server loads/specs and upkeep. Some of these private server have in excess of 10,000 simultanious players, and I'd say that's a big M.
  9. Mr Explody

    typed one-liners

    How long is a piece of char[]?
  10. Mr Explody

    Weird web page timeout problem

    Although we're not tech support, here goes: Maybe try the following: - Run a full virus scan, there's apparently some viruses that block google services - Turn your modem off for a couple of minutes and then restart it (I've seen this as a solution, but this probably won't work for you as other systems on your network seem to be able to access it) - Open this folder: C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc Right click your host file and select open with notepad, check the content of the file and see if there's any line inside that's related to the site you mentioned I found all these potential solutions by doing this. In the mean time you may be able to access location specific versions of google such as www.google.co.uk or www.google.com.au
  11. Mr Explody

    Nintendo DS?

    The term you want to google for that may help you is "DS Homebrew".
  12. Mr Explody

    [rant] Rob an Indian? You're racist!

    Quote:Original post by LessBread Quote:Original post by Mr Explody Any law that uplifts human personality is just. Any law that degrades human personality is unjust. I have a feeling that polygomy would uplift my personality. I think there's holes in that quote, or rather caveats. Given your attitude, I doubt the women involved would find it uplifting. I linked to the full text of the letter so you can read it for context and to make up for the hole in your education. I don't think I deserved that insult. Typical though. Meh, I'm out.
  13. Mr Explody

    [rant] Rob an Indian? You're racist!

    Quote:Original post by Codeka Quote:Original post by Mr Explody Budgie SmugglersWhoa! And the internet meme of "Abbott-rolling" has begun... You can't just start an internet meme like that. This article explains the best way start an internet meme for viral marketing purposes.
  14. Mr Explody

    Karaoke Show-stoppers!

    Zombie - The Cranberries (must be sung by a guy to get the awesomeness effect)
  15. Mr Explody

    [rant] Rob an Indian? You're racist!

    I don't think that's revalotory of any effect of veiling. It's more revalatory of the effect of social, religious and cultural aspects of that girls life. The same reason why you might feel naked it you were forced to wear Budgie Smugglers at public beaches instead of Board Shorts. Society states that you should cover not just your genitals, but the surrounding area. It's not a law, but it is part of our culture.
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