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  1. NightCreature83

    The Incredible Lightness of Being An Ark Developer

    Even with the owning of a problem you should never really stay in the office more than 10 hours, if you do this often enough it will dramatically decrease your performance. Also it kind of indicates that you can't estimate tasks or are trying to do too much. I know the feeling of being in the zone but even if that happens at 18:00 when I should leave for home I hardly ever stay longer than 20:00 (I have to start at 9:00). And if I do this I will actually offset these additional hours within the same week most of the time. Its really easy to pick up were you left off the previous day btw if you at the end of your day just write down a todo list of whats in your head at that point. The additional benefit of letting stuff simmer in the back of your mind is that you will come to insights you otherwise wouldn't have in most cases. The problem with the youth full exuberance of doing this often is what fosters that bad name of the games industry for overtime problems. I have both done non mandatory overtime and mandatory overtime, both paid an unpaid, after three years of this I said enough and just outright started refusing even the mandatory overtime. The only way to fix our industries overtime stigma is to start refusing this stuff, so please don't glori0fy this.
  2. Even in CPP files they should only be used inside of a scope, you never want to pollute your global scope.
  3. Am I seeing the handle of the sword through the players hand or is that my brain just wants to see that?
  4. Reading WM messages is not the same as full RawInput have a look at this blog post: https://molecularmusings.wordpress.com/2011/09/05/properly-handling-keyboard-input/   There are a few drawbacks of WM messages that are pointed out in the post I linked, overall though your article is well written.
  5. Visual scripting is great but it has limitations that you should be aware of. You really don't want to do all of the logic for the whole game in there it gets painful quick. The larger the graph becomes the harder it is to maintain.   Btw you got double firing outputs in that graph image going by the comments when your score is 10 3 exits can fire.
  6. NightCreature83

    Dijkstra's Algorithm - Shortest Path

    O(n^2) algorithms are not really considered efficient and break down hard on a large enough data input, this is the reason you want to avoid checking all objects in a scene if they collide with each other.
  7. NightCreature83

    A Resource Manager for Game Assets

    When you start using features like friend it generally means you designed your interface wrong and should rethink your strategy of doing this.
  8. NightCreature83

    A Resource Manager for Game Assets

    Sorry but why is the resource manager a Friend of ResourceBase, there is no need for friend access.
  9. NightCreature83

    Introduction to Software Optimization

    I found out how you can make VTune recognise frame programmatically and will allow you to make more sense of the VTune data in the context of your game. https://software.intel.com/en-us/articles/use-itt-frame-apis-from-intel-vtune-amplifier-xe-2011-to-analyze-each-frame-in-critical
  10. NightCreature83

    Introduction to Software Optimization

    Are you going to follow this up with an introduction on how to use the profiling tools in a game related settings? I am asking this because I have tried CodeAnalyst and VTune before, but always fell back to SN tuner for PS3 because it would actually allow me to do sampling within a frame instead of continous over the time. I have to say that I only used the PC tools a long time ago and because of their evolutions might now be able to do what I want.   Just had a quick look at the VTune features and this is now indeed capable of detecting frame flushes :). Still might be a good article to have to know how to set this up in the other profilers out there. Seeing we are generally more interested in seeing why a particular frame sequence is slow, instead of seeing where most of our time is spent in the application.
  11. NightCreature83

    Asset Importer Library 3.1.1. is out

    Do you have a list of changes made somewhere?
  12. NightCreature83

    Fast GUI Rendering using Texture2DArray

    You might want to switch away from normal text rendering and opt for SDF(signed distance field) fonts instead. Than all you need is one page of font data to render it in all sizes. It will also give you crisper glyphs in the rendering than minification and magnify between two glyph sizes, and you most likely end up with a smaller font texture:).   Also I would step away from texture based UI systems, because you can create nicer looking UIs with materials and proper shading effects on the object. This will most likely start to introduce a lot of instance rendering in the pipeline, in which case you generally end up with a similar drawcount.   One other note I noticed later on, you need to stay away from knowing x,y,z positions in the logical code of a UI widget, it should never know anything about the position of an element on screen. The logical side of a UI is allowed to send actions to the rendering side of UI, eg: button_down_action triggers button_down_animation, however this link is not specified through the logical button sending that specific animation. Treat it like HTML and CSS where HTML is the layout and applies a CSS style to an object. This will allow for tweaking of your objects without having to change the HTML layout. This same separation goes for the divide between logic and rendering code of a UI.
  13. If you actually get an Unreal Engine license you get the same amount of control as in cry-engine, you get all of the C++ code. However that license is offcourse more expensive. I have a feeling this will get worse for UDK 4 where they ditch UnrealScript in preference of Kismeth and C++, which I guess you only get access to Kismeth.
  14. NightCreature83

    Using UTF-8 in Games

    Editing UTF is easier if you do it in UTF32, as all chars are fixed with, then for storage convert to utf8 and vice versa. It costs more but you aren't editing a string often in a game. And for mobile or console games this stuff is even less of a hassle because they supply edit boxes in the OS which you should just invoke and ask the string from that :)
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