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    Noghal - Dark Elysium - Game Design Document

    Hi, thanks for the answer! Of course feedback is also welcome! Kind regards, Squarefox
  2. Hi, I want to share a game design document with you. I am working on the game since 1997 now. I post this in the writing for games forum, because it`s mostly the story, that is so important for this game. The name of the game is "Noghal - Dark Elysium". It`s an action adventure role playing game which a deep story, spanning hundred thousands of years. The setting is science fantasy, a mixture between science fiction and fantasy. Basically you can say, that the technology in the game is powered by magic. To summarize the story idea shortly: the fantasy planet of Noghal is invaded by aliens. But there are still many mysteries to discover. A battle between technology and fantasy and between light and darkness is the result of the invasion. If you are interested, you can find the game design document here: http://noghal.squarefox.net Kind regards, Squarefox
  3. Hello, I need a 3D-Importer (preferable .3DS - Files, any other Fileformat that is supported by 3D-Studio MAX is also ok) for OpenGL. The 3D-Importer should also import the textures for the model. Any ideas? Greetings, Squarefox
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