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  1. Fast Vector Math library for .Net

    I am on a same or similar search. The only reason it might be similar and not the same is that I am looking for one written with managed code and not just with an interface. (This might not fit your speed requirement?) So far, the most promising I have found in the price range we are discussing are the Sharp3d Math Library at CodePlex from ekampf (forgot the person's name). It is written in C# and has online suggestions, one of which is to convert calls to fields instead of properties for a 15-20% speed improvement (if I remember the suggestion correctly). There is also a great discussion of a C# Vector Type at CodeProject by Richard Potter which has lots of good information and feedback with other people's opinions on how it should be coded (much of which the author took). The boxing/unboxing problem when structs are used with collection classes is solved in the NetFramework 2.0 with generics (methinks). Good luck! -- Geoff
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