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  1. chewbakka

    Script object reference in C++

    It is http://brumisoft.com.   Thank you.
  2. chewbakka

    Script object reference in C++

    Thank you, I now have only one feature left before I'll release it to the public; Skinned animation.
  3. chewbakka

    Script object reference in C++

    I wasn't aware of the Debugger addon. Thank you, checked it, and now I have a nice game editor with a full angelscript IDE. :) Like this:   [attachment=17951:editor.jpg]
  4. chewbakka

    Script object reference in C++

    Hi,   I'm writing a debugger for my project using AngelScript 2.27.1. I've registered a callback and able to extract the variables. I have a nice display showing the variables. For references I'd like to write if it is null or not. for ( int varIx = 0; varIx < context->GetVarCount( level ); varIx++ ) watch->Show( context->GetVarName( varIx, level ) , context->GetVarTypeId( varIx, level ) , context->GetAddressOfVar( varIx, level ) ); This way I enumerate the variables. In Show, I get the object type: asIObjectType* objType = ScriptEngine::Instance().GetAsEngine()->GetObjectTypeById( typeId ); And then I have a TODO now if ( objType->GetFlags() & asOBJ_REF ) { const asIScriptObject* object = (const asIScriptObject*)address; bool isValidRef = true; // TODO item->setText( 2, isValidRef ? "valid ref" : "null ref" ); } I can cast the address of the property to an asIScriptObject, but I can't still determine if it is null reference or not. I've checked if the address pointer is maybe null, but it is not null even for null ref objects.   Is there a way to check if it is a null ref or not?   Thank you.
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