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  1. EULA's. Are they going too far?

    Its always better to cover your ass, and ambiguity could end up hurting you in the long run. So no, I do not believe that EULA are going too far,
  2. mysql++ ?

    I have never used Mysql++ but i have had some experence with its pretty simple, and it works well I would suggest you look at it.
  3. Next competition?

    How about a 2d game where everyone starts with the same media, sounds, sprites, textures... Maybe find a sponsor that has a media pack all set up and they want people to start using it in games to get there name out there or something
  4. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!

    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!
  5. Next competition?

    Quote:Original post by nuvem I'd really like to see a contest where all entries use the same pre-prepared content, and have to use all of it as a part of the gameplay. It'd be interesting to see what games people come up with given a ping-pong ball, a ray-gun, and a shopping cart... or some other nonsensical combination of items. I 2nd this
  6. Nullsoft's installer is the only way to go, Super easy to use lots of really nice editors out there. and if you like you can make the script by hand <10 lines for most of my projects.
  7. Quote:Original post by SnadderLars Any reason you prefer tag data over properties? I've been prefering properties but maybe it's not a good idea? I always just perfered tag data over proerties because it found it easier to read, the proerties would problaby be better since the file size would be smaller
  8. Nope, I just wanted to make sure that my theroy was sound, and i'm not reinventing the wheel
  9. Hello I was thinking about making a resource loader for 2d game engine, I have an idea of how I think it should work, Any suggestions, comments or links to articles or tutorials would help greatly. I was thinking of creating a XML file with a list of resources, Fonts Sound Textures Each item will have a unique ID and a path. For example <node> <media> <!-- Black Arial font 12 pt --> <fontXX id="1" size="12"> <file>Arial.TTF</file> <color red="255" blue="255" green="255" /> </fontXX> <!-- Red Courier font 24 pt --> <fontXX id="2" size="12"> <file>Cour.TTF</file> <color red="255" blue="0" green="0" /> </fontXX> <texture id="3" width="32" height="32"> <file>Bug.tga</file> </texture> <texture id="4" width="32" height="32"> <file>ghost.tga</file> </texture> <texture id="5" width="32" height="32"> <file>fruit.tga</file> </texture> <texture id="6" width="32" height="32"> <file>wall.tga</file> </texture> <soundFX id="7"> <file>waka.wav</file> </soundFX> <soundFX id="8"> <file>BMG.mp3</file> </soundFX> </media> </node> I would create a tool that would generate this XML file and compress all the media in to one big file. Then I would create a small library that would load the XML file and decompress the media to memory and load the media in to my 2D Engine Any suggestions?
  10. I like a game that grows in difficulty, For example its easy when I start, and gives me time to get the hang of the interface, after a while it increases in difficulty until I actually need some skills to complete the game... if i where to skip to level 10 i would find it hard if i where to play from level 1 - 10 I would find level 10 easy
  11. Video game for the blind

    We had an idea for a choose your down adventure game type game with Microsoft’s speech engine. Using right mouse for option ‘a’ and left mouse for option ‘b’ or what ever pre set keys you wanted. We got the engine done in like 3 hr and a few decent voices, Then realized that we would have to write a story to go along with it. Never really got past that point, If you are interested I think I got my notes and some source code around here that I could give you to give you a head start. PM Me
  12. Got an Idea to Fix America? Get $100,00 for it!

    Mass sterilization Give people $1,000 - $5,000 if there are willing to be sterilized, (never force anyone, or you will get a rebellions) Cut the population by 1/3 for the next generation Less people, More resources to go around, Less poverty, More jobs because there are less people around. With current trends the population will continue to grow faster then we could ever provide for it, we need less people less births.
  13. [poll] Nerd vs Geek

    A geek is just a prestige class of a nerd In other words, a nerd is someone that has general knowledge in all technical things, a geek as a lot of knowledge in one subject ie - Music geek - Movie geek - Code Geek
  14. This is how you raise your children...

    Sweet jebus, Thnaks I just ordered one for my little sister
  15. Watching DVDs over network? possible?

    I do this all the time, download (free media player) you will also need a good lan connection thou +10mb