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  1. Hi All, I've just published my 9th Android game! It's a Space shooter that uses the wonderful B4A language with the LigGDX graphics library. I'm focusing on retro arcade style game, this latest is more an infinite runner that arcade port, but my next few games will be back to arcade ports. I have more features coming soon on this game, but for now would welcome feedback and would interested to know what people think of my current range of games, no feedback is too megative if it's constructive :-) Asteroid Sprint on Google Play
  2. andymcadam

    Tell me your success story.

    I've made over $20,000 in the last year from a couple of my Android games that have got popular, the key is to write lots of games and keep them simple. https://coffeeinducedgames.co.uk/2017/11/08/20000-in-10-months-from-two-small-games-how-and-what-next/
  3. Hi all, Google Play Store Link - Invaders Mars Defender I want to announce the release of my latest game, Invaders Mars Defender. A Space Invaders inspired mobile game on Android. It's written using B4A (www.b4x.com) and the libgdx graphics library. Please give it a go and leave me some feedback, especially about any bugs you may find. I'm currently working on optimization (think bitmap font maybe a memory hog) right now. I'll add more features when I can. Google Play Store Link - Invaders Mars Defender I've put more details on my website: http://www.coffeeinducedgames.co.uk
  4. I've just released my latest Android game. Invaders Mars Defender It's a fresh take on the Space Invaders theme. Except I've added boss levels and weapon upgrades. I used B4A to write it with libgdx as the graphics library. Please try it out and give me your feedback. All feedback welcome, even negative! :-) Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=uk.co.coffeeinducedgames.marsdefender
  5. I wrote a Space invaders clone three years ago and for some unknown reason, over 200,000 people have downloaded it over thje last four months! Before that only 4000 people downloaded it in two and half years! I wrote it using B4A and the LibGDX library https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=uk.co.coffeeinducedgames.invaders&hl=en_GB   It's really exciting so I've already made a better quality version: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=uk.co.coffeeinducedgames.invadersdeluxe&hl=en_GB   I'm planning to write a blog post soon on how I wrote it and what my plans are next (series of space shooters)
  6. andymcadam

    blitz3d txt saving

    hi, yes, you just use the writestring command the sytax is: writestring(stream,string$) i.e. writestring(myfile,"hello world!") would write the string "hello world" to the myfile file stream. You open a file to write to with: myfile = writefile("myfile.dat") If you have a string, say mystring$ = "hello bob!" then you can write: writestring(myfile,mystring) The online manual page is here: http://www.blitzbasic.com/bpdocs/command.php?name=WriteString&ref=2d_cat
  7. I've started a new series of Blitz3D tutorials on my YouTube channel. We're now starting to build a platform game engine. I'm trying to keep it modular, so you only use the features you want for you game, meaning you could write sonic or megaman using the same code base. http://www.youtube.com/amcadam26 I've got 97 subscribers as of today and have been producing tutorials on Blitz for the last five months. There's a series already about building a space invaders clone and a couple of seperate clips on doing gravity, simple scrolling starfields and particle effects. Blitz3D is based around DirectX 7, but this doesn't make any differentce at all for developing casual style or older styled games. It's a great language to use, you get very quick results (quicker than XNA even) and there's a great user base at www.blitzbasic.com
  8. andymcadam

    Moving on from Blitz - C# or C++ ???

    But all the games programming jobs are asking for C++ skills, I dont' see C# mentioned in recruitment ads at all?
  9. I've programmed several games in Blitz3D and now feel ready to move onto a more professionally accepted language. I've learnt C++ from a book but haven't used it in practice yet. I'm tempted by C# and XNA as it looks very easy to pick up and there's the option of compiling to XBox which could be cool. But the other option is using C++ with something like Ogre or any other engine. What's the genral opinion on this? IS it better to get into XNA in C# or go for something like C++ with the choice of many 3D engines? I want to market my games to a wide audience, so don't want something with high system requirements.
  10. Hi all, if your new to programming, but want to start turning out games without spending years learning C++. Try Blitz3D or BlitzMax, both languages are designed to produce games very quickly using much simpler commands that what C++ will need from you. I just finished a space invaders clone that took me a couple of hours a night over a week: Get it here: http://www.savefile.com/files/1433926 The homepage for BlitzBasic is: http://www.blitzbasic.com and there is a demo available to try it out for yourself. Also, the community is great and always helps beginners get to grips with things. MY games development blog is: http://coffeeinduced.wordpress.com
  11. andymcadam

    Space Invaders Remake

    Based on the classic space invaders game, includes a few differences and well worth the effort to download and give it a go. It took about a week to write, next project will too probably as I’m writing another remake. Anyway, here’s the link: http://www.savefile.com/files/1433926 Get it now and tell me what you think. This game was written using Blitz3D www.blitzbasic.com Check out my games development blog at: http://coffeeinduced.wordpress.com
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