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    How game companies support innovation?

    Ok, I get that. But lets say you learn some new programming language for your job, and it was an open source language, you could still go home and use that language to make a game, as long as you don't use any first party information? You can still use things that technically belong to a third party with permission from that third party?
  2. Jedimace

    How game companies support innovation?

    They actually say that what you learn in work can't be used at other places? I mean, to a certain point, that makes sense, but anything that general seems ludicrous. Lets say you learn how to develop an XBox game, then go to another company and develop an XBox game for them. That should not be prohibited. But if you learn some company secret, i.e. some pathfinding algorithm that they spend money to discover, that should not be able to be passed on. Is this the case, or..?
  3. Jedimace

    How game companies support innovation?

    If companies don't take risks, then that makes it harder, a lot harder, for the game industry to progress. I think one problem is that games are getting very similar. I mean, more new genres should arise and then be put to use in more creative ways. I've even heard people say that they've been told sometimes to "just make a shooter". That seems outrageous.
  4. Jedimace

    How game companies support innovation?

    Ok, so they are not limited alot because they have money. But, there is still one question to be answered, what is the solution? Advertising in games, maybe?
  5. Jedimace

    How game companies support innovation?

    Well, then my question is, if it's restricted by all these cases, then how can Google accomplish it? Game development is really a creative industry, yet Google, a search engine provider, can do it better than game development, from what I can see. It's obviously a problem. Any ideas on how this can be improved, then?
  6. Jedimace

    How game companies support innovation?

    So, I'm guessing that what the real answer is, is that innovatione is limited by money? Money really is a limiting factor, if only there was a risk-free way to support innovation.
  7. Ok, I got this idea off of the back of a cereal box. So lets say I am working at your company. I come up with some brilliant, innovative idea or product for the company and I want to support it or get the idea around. How does your company do it? Google handles innovation extremely well, look at all the different features they have because of it. It seems to make them succeed.
  8. Hello, I am using CodeBlocks and I am trying to create a new project for my game engine. I already have some code done that I think may work, but I haven't done any debugging. I have a few libraries I need to be compiled into my DLL (SDL, OpenAL, ZLib and Bullet). I don't really know how to go about this. How do I add those dependencies to be compiled in my project? How do I set up my project to use normal include files and C++ files to create a DLL and/or static library? I could not find any tutorials on doing this, a link to one would suffice, or an explanation.
  9. Jedimace

    Taking a function as a parameter

    It's not the same. It may be possible, but it's a lot different.
  10. Jedimace

    Taking a function as a parameter

    I would use the Java way of doing things, but I don't think it works anywhere near as well in C++ then in actual Java.
  11. Jedimace

    Taking a function as a parameter

    I think I will go hh10k's way, for simplicity if anything. I need the user to be calling this, and I don't want him to have to know advanced C++ code or be scared away by C++ syntax.
  12. Hello. I am trying to make it so one of my classes can take a function as a parameter. I mean something like this: GameLoop loop; void update() { std::cout<<"_"; } loop.setUpdateCallback(update); How do I go about doing this? I see stuff like GLFW, GLUT, and many other programs doing this. Thanks for any and all help.
  13. Jedimace

    Include files

    Quote:Original post by SiCrane Forward declarations are sufficient for declaring a function that takes an object parameter by value. You do need the complete definition to call the function though. Ok.
  14. Jedimace

    Fast hard drives

    Hmmm... Ok, that makes sense then.
  15. Jedimace

    Include files

    Quote:Original post by DevFred Quote:Original post by Jedimace I have already tried it without the typedefs. Why are you using the plural here? Only the first typedef is wrong. The second is "necessary". If you remove that too, Object is a variable of type Obj, not a type synonyme. Please remove only the first occurrence of typedef and tell us what you get. Nothing. SiCrane: Solution! Thanks!
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