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  1. New Gameplay Video of Coward Knight! The will be released in Q1 2014.  
  2. Thanks you Shane, the game will be available on OUYA :). 
  3. Hello to everyone! Studio Leaves is a small Italian software house that is proud to present you Coward Knight: A Stealth Adventure! Coward Knight is a Stealth Game soon available on PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android and OUYA! However, we need your help! That’s way we have lauched our campaign on IndieGoGo. Here you can find all the information about our game.           Our IndieGoGo Page: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/coward-knight-a-stealth-adventure/x/4584191 Our Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/coward.knight Our Game Website: http://www.cowardknight.com Our Devblog: http://www.cowardknight.com/devblog Our Team Website: http://www.studioleaves.com   We are also on Stream Greenlight at: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=179737603   Support us! Thanks you!  
  4. Hello, I've my own template class: template<class T> class TList { public: /* Default Constructor */ TList() : mNumElements(0), mHead(0), mLast(0) { }; ~TList(){}; TList(TList &){}; .. }; Everything works fine, but i want to specialise my own template with float, so: template <> class TList<float> { public: [...] }; Now i dont' want to rewrite all methods, so i want to inherit from my class TList above.. How can i do that? I tried to use iheritance, but i've several compile errors.. So anyone can tell me how can i specialise my own Template without ovverride all methods? Thanks a lot!
  5. Thanks a lot! :)
  6. i think your tech demo looks just fine :)
  7. Hello, this is my new tech demo.. Can you tell me what you think? Thanks!
  8. There is something called "Design Patterns". It allow you to write Reusable code.. There are two great books about Design Patterns, the first is "Design Pattern Gang of Four" and the second (more easy to learn) "Head First - Design Pattern". There you can find all answare that you need.
  9. Argh! Ok thanks! But the compiler give me the error on the costructor of my class.. So i was confused.. Thanks again, i will try to fix it!
  10. Tano_ITA

    9 or 10?

    I don't know your degree of preparation, but i can suggests you to learn from a 3D Math book as 3d math primer.. So you will be able to lear DirectX9 or 10 without problem ;).
  11. I've no idea why, but this declaration, cause the problem: Ogre::AnimationStateIterator mAnimationItr; So now it work without problem ò_ò.
  12. Hello.. I can't understand why i've this compile error.. This is my code: IComponent.h #ifndef ICOMPONENT_H_ #define ICOMPONENT_H_ //#include "GameObject.h" #include "ComponentMessage.h" #include "GameObject.h" namespace Platform { namespace GameObjets { class GameObject; } namespace Components { class IComponent { public: virtual void Init() = 0; virtual void Update() = 0; virtual void Deinit() = 0; virtual void ExecuteMessage(ComponentMessage *iMessage) { /* By default this method don't do nothing.. So every component that want to do something with a message, can override this method! */ }; void SetOwner(GameObjects::GameObject *iGameObject) { mGameObject = iGameObject; } GameObjects::GameObject *GetOwner() { return mGameObject; } private: GameObjects::GameObject *mGameObject; }; } } #endif AnimationComponent.h #ifndef ANIMATIONCOMPONENT_H_ #define ANIMATIONCOMPONENT_H_ #include "IComponent.h" namespace Platform { namespace Components { namespace Animation { class AnimationComponent : public IComponent { public: virtual void Init() = 0; virtual void Update() = 0; virtual void Deinit() = 0; virtual void ExecuteMessage() {}; virtual void SetAnimation(const Ogre::String &iAnimationID, bool loop) { ... } virtual void Blend(const Ogre::String &iAnimationID, Ogre::Real iDuration, bool iLoop) { ... } Ogre::Entity *GetEntity() { return mEntity; } void SetEntity(Ogre::Entity *iEntity) { mEntity = iEntity; } protected: virtual void PerformIdle() {}; protected: Ogre::Quaternion mOrientation; /* Animation Parameters */ Ogre::AnimationState *mAnDestination; Ogre::AnimationState *mAnimationState; Ogre::AnimationStateSet *mAnimationSet; Ogre::AnimationStateIterator mAnimationItr; Ogre::Real mTimeLeft; Ogre::Real mDuration; bool mComplete; bool mLoop; Ogre::Entity *mEntity; }; } } } #endif ProtagonistAnimationComponent.h #ifndef PROTAGONISTANIMATIONCOMPONENT_H_ #define PROTAGONISTANIMATIONCOMPONENT_H_ #include <Ogre.h> #include "AnimationComponent.h" namespace Platform { namespace Components { namespace Animation { class ProtagonistAnimationComponent : public AnimationComponent { public: ProtagonistAnimationComponent(); ~ProtagonistAnimationComponent(); void Init(); void Update(); void Deinit(); protected: void ExecuteMessage(ComponentMessage *iMessage); void PerformIdle(); void PerformOrientation(); private: private: Ogre::Degree mAngle; Ogre::Quaternion mOrToReach; }; } } } #endif I recieve the error when i try to define the costructor of my class ProtagonistAnimationComponent, the strange thing is that i can compile without problem all others Components like "Movable, Renderable" etc etc.. Anyone can help me? Thanks a lot!
  13. Tano_ITA

    Where i can find some 3d math problems?

    Thanks, but i mean problems on Vectors, Visibility, Matrix Orientation etc etc :).
  14. Hello, i'm studying 3d math and i want to do some exercises to know if i've learned something! I'm searching for exercises like this http://www.3dkingdoms.com/weekly/weekly.php?a=27 . Videogame oriented is better :). Thank you!
  15. Hello, someone can tell me the best book to study geometry for game developer? I've already studied "3D Math Primer for Game Programmer". But I want to learn more about planes and Geometry in General. Anyone can suggest me some good book or site? Thanks a lot! :)
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