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  1. the gameplay you want can't be supported by an existing physics engine[/quote] and in some cases can be as hard to understand and use effectively as writing it yourself. In short, if you use a tool to do something you dont understand yourself how can you prove its working? Monkey's can use calculators and they will work as intended, but garbage in = garbage out.
  2. Kalten

    Any tips about where to begin java 2d?

    +1 for slick. You could start with the standard libraries, make pong/tetris for example or sprite based games no problem, going further than that is not the easiest and will likely result in you getting frustrated.
  3. Kalten

    S.O.S. new programmer looking for help

    Canned response : Read the FAQ? With limitations on hardware you're going to be limited as to exactly what you can use, perhaps try an older version of java (though i dont know why it would 'screw up' if you're up to date).
  4. Sorry to pull this a little off topic... but... I hate the phrase "It's just not worth the effort if you can use a very well tested library for free." It is worth every effort to try and build it yourself, the reward from figuring out this kind of problem is fantastic when you can sit back and say, "geez, i've just worked out (sure with a little help) how to do something that some of the best programmers in the world have issues with".
  5. Kalten

    Too many thread instances [Java]

    If you have lots of objects i could understand having multiple threads for something like pathfinding... though i wouldnt expect you'd have one per object instance, more likely one per behaviour instance. To me, thinking logically, its a serial process, by creating it as a paralell process by excessively threading it i'd expect you'd hit all sorts of unexpected behaviour due to the different threads all fighting for the same space on your virtual chess board (figure of speach). I'd expect that if you hone your pathfinding algorithm, making it more efficient, you'll probably find that having all the pathfinding done in a single thread might be sufficient and actually more reliable, after all, you dont want to run the risk of having information in one thread becoming out of date in the middle of the run because another thread has modified some value in an asymetric fashion. <edit> further thinking... I'd expect that you want pathfinding allways running... at least doing a check to see if there's any calculation required first, if it is required, calculate, update your path and then move on to the next object. If you have 30 objects that do not have any pending calculation, or required change, the process will be pretty quick... by profiling your pathfinding algorithm you'll be able to see how scalable you can get it, and if you see any extended times on it, then fork it out to an additional thread.
  6. Kalten

    Trouble with allegro

    why doesn't it realize that theyr'e two different programs and hence require different main functions??[/quote] Have you included chk.cpp into the event.cpp file? Im assuming that you've made some change to the code listed previously in this thread.
  7. Kalten

    Should i use DirectX or use Ogre

    I'd go with DirectX, some familliarity with it prior to your unit, + being able to refine what you do with things you learn in the unit will save you double handling and having disparity... some of the differences between API's can be huge and learning two at the same time isnt likely to be very efficient.
  8. Whats this for? I would expect you'll get some eyebrows raised because of the obvious privacy issues.
  9. Kalten

    Confused about C++

    If you're a student look into the dreamspark program by microsoft, you might be able to get VS2010 for free. www.dreamspark.com
  10. Kalten

    movement algorithm

    As the others have suggested, you'll achieve a better appearing movement by passing the time difference between rendering cycles then using a counter within the function.
  11. Kalten

    i want to create games but i am absolute begginer

    I would suggest start put small then work up, everyone thinks games and immediately thinks graphics. I say this because most people jump in deep end up drowning and giving up. I did a demonstration for one of the kids of my work mates showing him, using only basic c++ how to make a number guessing game. Less than 30 minutes on chatting and he was seeing the potential of what you can do.
  12. Kalten

    How to Rotate a Point 45 degrees in 2D space?

    While it may go without saying be mindful of if you are rotating using degrees or radians.
  13. I threw your code into my compiler and it errored out straight away with "a" being used without being initialised, this is line 30 of your code. This is a very basic thing to have break, Also not having the file doesnt trigger an error, but rather causes the code to skip over and not be able to test anything.... i, or anyone else here, cant test this for you without you having done the ground work and showing expected and actual inputs vs expected and actual outputs.
  14. Bulletstorm - difficulty: hard - completed: 15hours.
  15. Kalten

    Abstracting a coordinate system

    Not to sound ignorant or anything, but i dont know what you are hoping to achive? It looks like you are simply arbitarily renaming an axis.
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