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  1. Bulletstorm - difficulty: hard - completed: 15hours.
  2. About to tackel collision detection, wish me luck.
  3. Brain isnt working...
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    <P>In your 'star' model, why does the pink cross (referred to as "Cross" hereafter) decide that the 4th point is the best target and subsiquently have to pass through 4? why not point 5? (going to assume the point at 12 o'clock is ID# 0)<BR><BR>If all postions are filled, and the point becomes free, then i can understand it being an issue... perhaps, you could use a similar 'star' to identify positions able to be moved through, maybe have an NPC 'blob' form a formation structure where the individuals identify where they fit in relation to one another based on the same system.<BR><BR>If a position frees up, the moving object could calculate the path through the points of its neighbours to identify how to reach the free point, or alternatively, trigger an object closer to the target to move to the free point.<BR><BR>So in your model, we'll refer to the Target as 'Blue', the object filling Blue's 4 (let me call it "blocker") could move to Blue's 3 to enable Cross to fill the space, or Cross could move to Blocker's 5, to enable it to reach a path that enables it to access the desired target.<BR><BR>Perhaps it could be a part of the Chase behavior?<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR></P>
  5. Hunting down bugs and blips with the new site layout.
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