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    [RPG] Skills vs Spells

    Quote:Original post by Rasm Skills vs Spells? Are they the same or different? I'm designing a spell and skill based system and have run into a bit of overlap. The original idea was that skills and spells are different because skills rely on the use of skill points and magic relies on magic points. This would allow me to create characters which shouldn't have access to magic (warriors, rogues, etc) and still have special attacks that are limited in use (using skill points). It also allows me to create special hybrid classes such as a monk that could use both magic (healing) and skills (tiger claw?) and have to juggle balancing two bars (magic and skill). I'm beginning to implement the two types, skills and spells, and I'm realizing that apart from the naming and seperate point pools, the two are almost identical. Here are my 2 questions... 1. Are skills and spells different enough to warrant seperation? Why? 2. If considered different, what are some ideas to prevent overlap in skills and spells? (ie tiger claw skill does 5 damage and fireball does 5 damage. Why have both?) This is how I did it for my mmo idea. Skills = melee based abilities and magic = caster based abilities. Maybe you could use a different word than skill, but that is a pretty easy way to not overlap. Look at it like this, it takes skill to do some kind of melee combo because you have timing and accuracy. Magic is just magic and its casted by thought or memorization.
  2. Eronakis

    What am I? RPG classes.

    Are you doing this for an MMO or console/pc RPG? If MMO.. here is where to start... Find your archetypes. Archetypes means what type of class they are and usually their primary role. The most common archetypes are Tank, Healer and DPS (Damage per second). You can go as far as making a support, crowd control and puller archetypes as well. What ever you feel. IMO one of the best ways is to have the primary role of the 3 main archetypes and then give them a secondary role. The best balance for this is, imo..for mmorpgs that is...that if you balance the tank, dps and healers well, the secondary role shouldnt define you as much. Also if you can figure out a way to be creative and make new archetypes heh.
  3. Eronakis


    I have a mmorpg Idea. Been workin on ideas since 2004. I have alot done and alot of ideas and concepts. About 300 pages on word, 6 world maps complete.
  4. Eronakis

    Vue/Level Design

    Has anyone used this program? Whats the learning curve in it? Does the video game industry use this program? If so, I assume its for environmental concept art. Do you actually have to model everything out? Or are there pre-rendered meshes that you can use from and tweak? I am interesting in checking it out. I am mainly looking for something to do for a level design portfolio for level design for mmorpgs. If anyone can lead me into the right direction that would be great. However, you have to be somewhat an artist to become a level designer. My art skills are for world 2d fantasy maps. What I want to do, with the maps I already created, is to make some of the zones from them. Once I get a copy of the UT Editor I will start in there. What I really would like to do, is model terrain and place the already pre-rendered meshes to make the scene, and mob placement, anything that involves a level for an mmo. IF anyone can give tips for level design, I would highly appreciate it.
  5. Eronakis

    MMO System Concept

    Ok, I feel dumb, I get you now. You want something new to always do and should never feel the sense of completion of a game. Right? If so I do agree. But End game can be interpreted in different ways. I think our ways are different. I believe End Game is things you can do for a strong character. Levels are like a training exercise. However, I dont believe the game should END at end game. If that makes sense.
  6. Eronakis

    MMO System Concept

    Quote:Original post by robert4818 Quote:Original post by Eronakis Your number 6. IMO, End Game means its what you do when you reach max level. I do agree with you. End Game needs to be MASSIVE! I do agree with you on all of your rants. However, I think the only need for expansions is to release new parts of the world. Would you rather have one or two large continents and a playerable world? Or all of it release and have a shitty launch like Vanguard? My point was that with a static world expansions are the ONLY time you see it change. And that its static after that. When it comes to end-game, it shouldn't exist. The game should be whole, complete, and fully available shortly after beginning. End games are a by-product of the exponential growth of characters as they advance. Would you buy a car if I told you that while it can go 200 mph you can only do that once its been driven 15,000 miles? Thats my problem with end-games. So you believe that if a new player can log on and kill a raid monster with 2 or 3 other new players they should be able to get the loot? No I dont think so. I am not sure if I quite get you yet. I understand that you want a world that can be changed by player made. Example: NPC or PC Orc players raid a human city. If they siege it and take control is theirs to keep until its taking over again? Is that what you want? I mean we all can say what we want in an mmo, you have to realize what a programmer can do. But from my example if thats how you would like a world, yes I do agree with you. End game only refers to max level characters. Its like a stepping stool. If there is no "end game" there should be no need for a level system. Why is there a level system in mmorpgs? For orginization and a sense of "accomplishment". I am sure there are many more reasons for such. When I think of end game, my immersion is that it sets limits to what my character can accomplish and do. Its like your reach your max potential.
  7. Eronakis

    MMO System Concept

    Your number 6. IMO, End Game means its what you do when you reach max level. I do agree with you. End Game needs to be MASSIVE! I do agree with you on all of your rants. However, I think the only need for expansions is to release new parts of the world. Would you rather have one or two large continents and a playerable world? Or all of it release and have a shitty launch like Vanguard?
  8. Eronakis

    Campaign Cartographer

    I did. Just no one posted in forever. I was being super impatient lol. Sorry. can delete the thread if you like.
  9. Does anyone use this program? Especially Campaign Cartographer 3? I cant find nothing anywhere. My question is how do I enter a larger dimension to make my canvas larger? It refuses to go passed 1000x800.
  10. Eronakis

    TES Construction Set

    Quote:Original post by jpetrie Sure, plenty (XSI, Max, Maya, Hammer, et cetera). You'll want to see what other modders have used, though -- check out the official forums. Otherwise you will have a hell of a time getting your 3D world into the Oblivion runtime. Pick the wrong tool, for example, and it might very well be entirely impractical. I know how to use 3dsmax some what. I am familiar with it. I dont know If i want to run it in oblivion. The thing is, I am very horrible at programming and modeling. I think at least I could model terrain. I want to be the person to make the scene. If that makes sense.
  11. Eronakis

    TES Construction Set

    Quote:Original post by jpetrie The official Elder Scrolls forums have a modding section that you should peruse. As I recall, TES alone isn't enough to build a new world from line zero -- it's not a terrain or model editor, certainly, so you'll need other tools for that, at least. Do you know where I can find a editor to make my own mini 3d world? I am looking for mmorpg/rpg type of levels id like to create. I want to practice so i can have something for a portfolio..
  12. Eronakis

    TES Construction Set

    Has anyone used this before? I just wasted 12 hours of my time with these tutorials. I cant find anything at all that I would like to do. It seems this is what I am finally looking for. What I want to do is create my own world. I dont want to change anything in Oblivion at all. I just want to make my own terrain and place objects where I desire to make a fitting area. But for some reason, I cant find a tutorial that will help me with this. All I can figure out is to edit the existing models. Oh and by the way when I load up an exterior and I de-reselect it, it goes away and I cant find it again. Its quiet annoying. Is this program only to edit existing exteriors? I would like to make my own if I can? If anyone can point me in the right direction please do so because for some reason I cant get help anywhere =(
  13. Eronakis

    Realm Crafter

    So I was recomended Realm Crafter. Has anyone used this before? Its an mmorpg engine. The main reason why I want it, is to make levels. I am very new at level design and would like to get a feel for it. My passion is the mmorpg genre. My question is that is there a nice verity of meshes that are placeable? Or do I have to model everything my self?
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