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  1. Quote:Original post by Promit Quote:Original post by Trapper Zoid Quote:Original post by Promit I'm doing a Mop of Destiny remake. I figure the original author probably won't notice. If you can pull that off, then I'll get started on "Pony Loves Accountant".I don't think porno games are allowed. I think "Accountants love crystals" would be better. ;) In any case, if we choose to go with Python and OGRE this year too, I'm sure we'll start off by making a copy of the game we started on for 4E5. But that code doesn't have much game specific stuff really.
  2. [4E6] Discuss Element: Ponies

    So I guess it's ponies as in horses? I think someone asked it, but would it be ok to use something else (like a car), as long as you called it "The Pony", and had a really good explanation for it? If so, would a background story do? "I used this car for transporting racing horses back in the days, and it therefore got the name Pony". Basically, I'm asking if it's the first of the following definitions from wikipedia that is the correct one. A pony is a small horse. Pony may also refer to: * Pony (film), a short film by Ed Gass-Donnelly * "Pony" (Ginuwine song), a 1996 single * "Pony" (Kasey Chambers song), a 2004 single * The Stone Pony, a famous rock and roll club in New Jersey * Hyundai Pony, a model of car * My Little Pony, a popular line of plastic toys * Pony International, a footwear and apparel brand * Pony car, a class of car similar to the Ford Mustang. * Pony (slang) - pony has at least two slang meanings: 25 pounds sterling, and an unlikely outcome. * Pony (slang) - denoting a person or something that is lacking, and therefore considered lame, weak, idiotic, lesser in quality or performance. also referring to the level of awkwardness in online games, to describe when someone is "owned" It also refers the lack of coordination when moving in games, alluding to a baby horses first movements online gaming * Pony keg, a beer keg containing 8 US gallons of fluid. * Pony shot glass, a 1.0 fl. oz. (~30 ml) shot glass or bartending tool (often combined with a jigger). * Ponytail, a hair style * PONY Baseball and Softball, organizing baseball and softball leagues for youngsters. * Pony play, a form of human animal roleplay, usually sexual in nature * Punishment pony, a smaller version of the "punishment horse" used in disciplinary spanking or erotic spanking o Birching pony, a specific variant of the punishment pony * The ponies, a colloquial term for horse racing * P.O.N.Y. - Prostitutes of New York Club * Pony Bottle - A small SCUBA cylinder strapped to a divers main tank for emergency use. Oh, just read this from the other thread: Quote: For crying out loud. They give us very tangible elements at our request and you want to be smart? I for one wish they'd insist we stop trying to trick our way around the elements. It's supposed to require inventiveness and creativity to design a game aroudn the elements, not inventiveness and creativity to get away without doing it. Agreed. We'll definitely have "horse" ponies (as opposed to a club for prostitutes ;) ). But there's still valid questions like - does it have to be a pony, or can it be a "real" horse, a donkey, etc.
  3. 4e6

    Quote:Original post by CornyKorn21 Quote:Original post by Srekel It's after 11 EST and the elements are up!!! They are: ? ? ? and ? The Riddler I'm a little confused though. Superpig, could you elaborate on the description of the fourth element (?), "?", please?
  4. 4e6

    It's after 11 EST and the elements are up!!! They are: ? ? ? and ?
  5. Quote:Original post by superpig Just checked out the license agreement for NVidia's 110MB Transmogrifying Textures Volume 1 pack. It looks like they're acceptable - you might want to check it yourself. I suck at reading and understanding licenses, so can someone explain how this means it's ok to use in the contest? Quote: You may not use, copy, display, modify or distribute the Images except in strict accordance with this License Agreement. Company hereby grants to you the following worldwide, non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sublicensable license for the Term below, with respect to its rights in the Images: You may install the Images on an unlimited number of computers; provided that all such computers are physically located at your place of business located at a single specific street address (or its equivalent). You may use and access the Images only at that one location and only as follows: You may use, copy and modify the Images in the creation and presentation of videogames, animations and renderings; provided that you may neither: (a) separately publish, market, distribute, transfer, sell or sublicense all or any part of the Images except in derivative form from which the original, or a substantially similar version of the original Image can be extracted; (b) output the Images to a print format other than for collateral materials (such as sales literature and illustrations) which support your primary electronic use of the Images. Subject to the foregoing limitations, and the rights, you may copy and distribute your animations and renderings incorporating the Images. Now that I read it more thoroughly, I guess it's the last part. You're along to redistribute an image, as long as the original (with small modifications) can be retrieved from the distributed package. Is that correct?
  6. Definitely have separate posts. Otherwise you'll have to read the entire thread from the start each time.
  7. 4E Logo

    I'd have to agree. Obviously it's not a big issue, but it could use some work. :)
  8. 4e6

    Quote:Original post by dmoonfire Quote:Original post by Srekel The page is up!! No elements yet though. :( At least now we have a new place to obsessively refresh waiting for the "?" to go away. Maybe they'll reveal one per day? *grin* It says this on the first page: Elements Announced: September 27, 2007, at 1100 hours EST
  9. 4e6

    The page is up!! No elements yet though. :(
  10. Just wondering a little about the judging process. Will they be able to sit together to play the games? It would be nice to know whether or not if it is a good idea to make a coop game, where the players (judges) have to sit at the same computer. Also, will they have just a keyboard and mouse, or is it a good idea to implement gamepad support, if the game benefits from it? If so, will it be Xbox 360 controls? That would be nice for those using XNA since it's a very API for those. A final question while I'm at it: What about multiplayer (only) games? Just some stuff that might be nice to know before starting to think about what kind of game to make.
  11. 4e6

    There is nothing specific in the rules that says we can't use stuff we already have for the contest. The fact that the contest ends in six months is just so that it will actually end some time, not to test our skills in "Who can build the best game in six months". superpig, correct me if I'm wrong. :)
  12. 4e6

    What about XNA? I hope it'll be supported, not because I think we'll write the game using it (this time), but it's a really nice tech. All you need is to install the redist on the judges' computers.
  13. 4e6

    You're allowed to use code and content you already own. You don't have to create everything within the contest start-end-time.