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  1. Molle85

    Drawing game area

    Your Directional Light vector seems to be parallel to the ground, try changing it to Vector3(0,-1,0)
  2. Molle85

    Third person camera problem

    If it doesn't change are you sure mFollow is true?
  3. Molle85

    Deferred rendering and low FPS

    I'm not sure if you know what deferred shading is, or you might just have explained what you are doing badly. Anyway here's a link: Deferred_shading Stop looking at FPS and start looking at Seconds Per Frame. And that fps sounds appropriate for deferred shading.
  4. Molle85

    Texture Mapping Issues

    Try flipping the texture coordinates on Y-axis
  5. Molle85

    GUI behavior question

    That would only make finding bugs harder
  6. You are comparing floating points without any epsilon, you might wanna reconsider that
  7. Molle85

    You know you've been on the computer too long, when...

    you wonder why you can't alt-tab a boring meeting/lecture
  8. You can try Crazy Eddie's GUI. Also no logic should be in between the beginScene & endScene, you should only do rendering there.
  9. Molle85

    Velocity along the surface of a sphere

    Isn't it sufficient to just update theta and phi ? Update: theta += speed.x; phi += speed.y; pos.x = Radius * sin(theta) * sin(phi); pos.y = Radius * cos(phi); pos.z = Radius* cos(theta) * sin(phi);
  10. Molle85

    [DX9 C++] HLSL in windows 64bit

    open DirectX Control Panel and put D3D to use debug version.
  11. Molle85

    [DX9 C++] HLSL in windows 64bit

    Does it say anything if you put DX on debug ?
  12. Molle85


    Don't ! Send updates when they occur, monsters are prone to idle a lot, there is no need to send updates if an entity rarely does anything.
  13. Molle85

    .obj is not displaying an image

    1. Load obj 2. ? 3. Profit Don't put the render code in the load function!
  14. Molle85

    Moving object in 3D space

    the camera has right, up, forward vectors, translate your object along those vectors
  15. Molle85

    Buffer too small, 0

    You can't read position from pixel shader, you need to send the position as an additional TEXCOORD
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