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  1. AckertC

    Musician available for Game Music

    I really like your music. You would probable make some really good game music. Good luck in the future.
  2. AckertC

    Why do American elections take so long?

    I believe thay take so damn long is because of the system. That every person votes. Then those votes get counted. There are allot of ballets to count. And then theres 50 states. Then all those votes get sent to a group of people who then vote. Thens if theres any little problem it has to be sent to court or to congress blah blah blah...... And it might because human beings cant make up their mind or it could be the fact is that who ever gets elected could change their lives for better or for worse.
  3. AckertC

    [New Game] Survival

    Looks like a fun addictive game. But for some reason my screen dose not show the cat very well. Like deadstar said you should put power ups in. Would make the game more interesting. A leveling system would also make it interesting. As level goes up so does the difficulty. Good Luck in future versions.
  4. AckertC

    First game! + tips?

    Congrats on the success. I wish I could been there probably be one of the best presentations I would have seen.
  5. AckertC

    My Game OpenGL & C++

    YA I know how would I go about it.
  6. AckertC

    My Game OpenGL & C++

    I'm making a game which its going to be 2d and OpenGL and C++. Its going to be like pong but completely different, the only thing im keeping from it will be having a bar and a computer to play against. Im not going retail anything. What lib do i need for sound affects and how would I write a AI or some kind of computer that you can play against in C++.
  7. So far ive been using Beginning C++ game programming. I am now going to read sams Teach yourself C++ in 21 days. Good luck.
  8. AckertC

    Recommend Board Games

    Risk is a good game. But difficult. There are also allot of good classics like monopoly or chess.
  9. AckertC

    The US Has Gone To Pot

    The US in fact does lead in studies for allot of bad stuff. I in fact am an example. Its pretty bad when I am under the age of 18 and I already know where I can aquire every drug from A to Z. I do not do drugs. But im one of few in my school that doesn't. The worst part is that I live in a hick town. Allot of people say the US is a bad place. Before you think about that I suggest you google some thing along the lines of ethnic cleansing or another horrible thing called Genocide. The US isn't the worst place to live but it certainty the worst.
  10. AckertC

    Operating System for Games

    The video doesn't work :( But looks interesting.
  11. AckertC

    What is XNA?

    XNA is a tool used with Visual Studio 05 or Visual C# 05. The new version 3.0 can be used with 08. XNA makes it easy to make video games. And you do not need Xbox live. But if you want to make games for xbox 360 you will need a creators acount i believe. Check here http://creators.xna.com/en-us/membership
  12. AckertC

    C# tutorials

    Try these, http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa288436.aspx Or http://www.learnvisualstudio.net/Free.aspx But i think the best place is youtube. http://www.youtube.com/results?hl=en&client=firefox-a&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&hs=lZX&q=C%23%20&um=1&ie=UTF-8&sa=N&tab=w1 And also this place. http://www.codeproject.com/script/Content/SiteMap.aspx Good luck hope these help you.
  13. I want to turn an image into lines of text and put it into a Cpp cmd prompt program. So i took the image and used image 2 text. To convert to text. Then took the text and added cout <<" and "<< endl; Then I compile it and run but it comes out all messed up. the alignment is off. please help.
  14. AckertC

    Visual Studio 2008 Standard vs. Professional

    Personally I feel it always best to go with the PRO. It might have some features you might need one day. But this is only if you have the money.
  15. AckertC

    FLS website

    I just started making my home page for FLS. "Fully Loaded Studio". At the moment only one page works im working on the projects page. I should have all of it done in 2 days hopefully. Soon I will be adding projects and start developing. Comments welcome. http://www.fls.mav.bz
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