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  1. TTK-Bandit

    OpenGL + ALT-TAB

    just a guess here, are you using vista or 7 ? if so, disable aero and try again.
  2. TTK-Bandit

    my game audio engine(2)-interface

    I think it's obvious that this is some kind of scam.
  3. TTK-Bandit

    my game audio engine(2)-interface

    Are you serious ? - use code tags - don't capslock your text - don't create 2 topics for the same thing - don't spam other threads with your advertising if you don't contribute anything to the actual topic - you have no working website - you have no detailed information on your product(s) - you are trying to sell something that is available for free in lots of other libraries - you put that library on the "list of FREE libraries" although it is obviously not free. 5 sources is nowhere useable for 99% of the games. - you use the namespace 'core' for an audio library ? seriously ? man I could go on like this for another 2 pages, but honestly my time is worth more. I'm not usually this destructive, but if you do something commercial you gotta act more professional. This surely won't sell this way.
  4. is this an automated add ? doesn't look like he really wants info looking at his name and that he does not give any specific informations on the target platform, programming language, etc.
  5. TTK-Bandit

    SDL, Windows 7 and alt+tabbing bug

    I have a similar problem. With me it's the combination of Aero and probably AVG antivirus ( I read a few posts on the net indicating that it's AVG ) Whenever I launch fullscreen, aero gets disabled and my app loses focus. I haven't found a workaround yet except disabling aero. I haven't gotten to test yet if it works when I uninstall AVG. updating certainly did not help.
  6. TTK-Bandit

    Which Input Library to use?

    Keyboard => Win32 Messages Mouse => Win32 Messages or RAW input Joystick / gamepad => XInput together with DirectInput
  7. TTK-Bandit

    PHP Game?

    There are quite a few php / html+js games out there that look pretty good. I work for a company which has been developing php / html +js games for years and is very successful + expanding. Travian and Imperion are games that we've been developing, and the next generation will take a huge step in prettyness and usercomfort. Nowadays you can make a lot more pretty graphics with js than you'd think. fluid animation is no problem anymore, no need to use flash for it. you could of course also develop a flash frontend instead of a html+js frontend. choice is yours. what makes your game successful is good gameplay, something that hooks you from the start, keeps you interested over time and of course some nice graphics help a lot too.
  8. TTK-Bandit

    visual C++/openGL error

    simple, 2 choices: * don't use it (it's deprecated) * google it
  9. TTK-Bandit

    OpenAL problem NO SOUND (HELP ME)

    ok, I did some research and it seems on OSX you only need to install the latest drivers on mac os x. So, did you try just using the "OpenAL_Installer_OSX" from the openal page ? If that doesn't help, I guess you'd be better off trying to find a mac-programming forum.
  10. TTK-Bandit

    OpenAL problem NO SOUND (HELP ME)

    From what I read, Mac OS X comes with OpenAL by default. Maybe this helps: tutorial There's an SDK installer for mac available here: Creative Labs Did you try these already ? Found them with 2 minutes of googling.
  11. TTK-Bandit

    OpenAL problem NO SOUND (HELP ME)

    "Use the force Luke." is a quote from starwars. with it I meant try finding it yourself by using Google. "..and I don't know where I find them." => Google in that openal tutorial ogg/vorbis is used, yes. in other openal tutorials you can use other formats. => Google reading a .wav file is quite simple actually => Google "libopenal.dylib and even openal.dylib" I am no mac programmer, but you'll need to build them from the source yourself. If you need some examples, you could try looking at my code: svn view But it would help you more to read tutorials, as they explain what happens.
  12. TTK-Bandit

    OpenAL problem NO SOUND (HELP ME)

    Use the force Luke. There are plenty openal tutorials out there. I found this one quite helpful to load ogg/vorbis: Link also, I'd recommend OpenAL Soft The interface is quite the same, but it's more stable and if I'm not imagining things, the sound is much better too.
  13. TTK-Bandit

    Text rendering VBO-way

    My current text renderer (bitmapped font) uses simple quads, since back then I didn't see any way to get kerning working properly together with partial coloring of the string. Recently I saw that FreeType2 finally lost all the patent issues, so I was thinking of doing it this way: Render a complete line into a bitmap, upload it and then just draw one quad per line. Not sure how the performance would do on this one, but since you rarely render text for a few frames only, it could be good. Then again, I never used freetype, so I don't know how fast it is in live rendering. I don't think it'll be worse than my current approach tho. A Plus would be that no stretching has to be done and text should be nicely drawn. Didn't have the time yet to start coding it, so this is all theory.
  14. well, not sure if it will work together, but you could try getting the HWND from SDL and adding your menus to it. Google 'sdl get hwnd' and I'm sure you'll find something.
  15. TTK-Bandit

    OpenAL problem NO SOUND (HELP ME)

    you should never clear error messages without checking them.
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