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  1. Apocalypse Online

    Appreciate the kind words. Sorry to hear you won't be able to play, but the feedback is appreciated nonetheless. Hey, and maybe you know some people who ARE able to play ;)
  2. Valhalla MMO or Single Player

    No actually, I'm really pleased that you took the time to think up legitimate criticisms. I hate when people FAIL to say anything of substance. You're right about the server issues, and about the spawn killing, I had considered that and just said to myself that you could probably give people a one hour safe period after spawning. Still, pretty messy. And your mentioning of people getting turned off by the kidnapping... that would essentially be like having your character die in Everquest. Except it would be nearly impossible to do. You could also make it so no one under a certain level could be kidnapped, to prevent noobs from getting destroyed. As far as more ideas, I hadn't really bothered to develop the idea very much because of the amount of work it would take. Both versions would need dozens, maybe even a hundred character models. And those take a loooot of time to make. One question that had arisen during consideration for the game is how the land would work. Would people make weapons or would all the weapons in the game just be a matter of what is brought into the world? What kind of technology is available? Is the place like an undeveloped earth? What kinds of fortresses have people built and with what have they built them? It's tough to get a solid answer to these that I'm happy with. You risk either limiting the gameplay too much or sacrificing the atmosphere.
  3. So I had this idea for a video game basically based around the idea of Valhalla (Nordic idea of where warriors go if they die in battle). Basically its an after life that belongs to only Earth's most violent souls. In it, people have separated themselves again into their corresponding earth clicks. Gang bangers, soldiers, terrorists, hitmen, etc. Those would be the factions. It would be a pretty heavy PVP MMO, but I'm sure it wouldn't be hard to work crafting and other such stuff into it. Oh, and important is that when you get killed, you would just reappear in the spawning zone (everyone spawns in the same place) as though it were your first time entering the game. You would have all the earthly possessions you originally died with (your gun, a bomb, knife etc). The only way to effectively take someone completely out of the game would be to capture them and saw off their limbs. Keeping them alive would be the only way to kill them. In the game, it would be an immensely difficult thing to do. As for single player, the idea was to use the same world but instead have it play through like a story. Your character would be a random guy who died but does not belong there. He was a decent person like you or me. The he gets there and it turns out its his job to correct the whole place, or something. Not really sure, but it would involve unraveling the mystery of exactly what that place is. The single player game would have things like rescue missions, in which the player and some others would break into an enemy fortress and shoot all the prisoners in the head, then shoot themselves. That would essentially be like freeing a captive, since they would spawn again with their limbs back. "Always keep one bullet in the chamber. Never forget that. No matter what." hehe What do you guys think of these two ideas? Which is better? Why wouldn't each work?
  4. Apocalypse Online

    Well, there are certainly still some bugs, and two of the four factions have yet to be implemented, but the PVP is fun, and we have tons of items and locations and some huge dungeons to play around in. Every patch is seeing a huge expansion to the gameplay. It's pretty exciting, really. :)
  5. Questions about an RPG(not a RPG pich)

    I think it's a really good idea, man. Though, you will need to call attention to certain armor types being better than others. You know, say the character goes to an armorer and is inspecting a particular gauntlet, and the shop owner might say, "That one's pretty good, but it's nothing compared to PoopyPantsGauntlet_1". And you could have conversations with random people reveal things like someone saying "I just bought this PeePantsGauntlet_2 and it is pure shite!" Would certainly make things feel more real, and add an element of discovery to the game. And also, if you care so much about personal style, I always thought it would be a cool idea to have players select two outfits. One armor outfit and one clothes. Then whenever he/she enters a city zone, the set automatically switches to clothes style. Anyway, that's my input.
  6. Apocalypse Online

    Apocalypse Online is a post apocalyptic MMO inspired by the likes of Mad Max. It is entirely free and was created by a small group of very dedicated developers from around the world. It has just very recently become fully operational, so you should check it out! We already have a very dedicated and growing fan base who are online every day, and we have a big PVP event coming up tomorrow (April 5th) at 7pm GMT, so you should download the client and get online ASAP. The website is here so make sure to drop by and check it out. And here's some pretty images: Like I said, the game is totally FREE, so check it out!